Does stating that an American has a non-racist white identity put that position in a positive light?

  • A positive light

    I personally agree,One of the functions and privileges of racism is that white people don't, as a whole, carry race as an identity -- you get to be individual, you get to be "yourself," you get to be the norm, you get to be whole and not partial or hyphenated. You do not have to make "adjustments" or "modifications" to know or name yourself. I also think my discomfort [with the term anti-racist] is fueled by it being based on what I am not. It is the proverbial "I'm not a racist" disclaimer used by whites to separate themselves from the realities of racism and race-based privilege.

  • Yes it does

    Yes, i think that if you state it like this it looks acceptable to people and they do not think that we are racist here in America after they sit and read this. I think that we are doing a lot as a country to stop all of the racism.

  • No, stating somebody has a non-racist white identity doesn't put him/her in a positive light.

    I think the term "non-racist white identity" is a bit of an offensive term to label anyone. The term makes it seem like that a white person who happens to be a non-racist is some sorty of rarity. I think it is important to stop labeling people with such terms that will just cause problems.

  • It Already Is

    I believe having a non-racist white identity is a positive thing, so it doesn't matter how it is stated or even if it is stated. I believe it is a little odd to point out the fact that a person would be a non-racist, but I suppose it's a way of circumventing it by finding out through the way a person speaks about the topic.

  • This should be a description that need not be spoken

    No, I do not believe the stating that Americans have a non racist identity is placed in a more positive light. In today's time and days there should not have to be a description of non racist white; it should go without saying. By stating they are non racist white it seems as if they really are racist.

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