• Best Player on the Best Team

    What he did in the regular season is something that has only been done a handful of times in NBA history. He averaged 30 points in LESS than 35 minutes played a game. He had a player efficiency rating over 30. Steph even did something no other player had ever done: make 300 3's in a season. Then, he made FOUR HUNDRED three pointers this year. Don't get me wrong, the warriors are good with out him, but he takes them from a 50 team to a 73 win team. He is very valuable to the Warriors.

  • Stephen curry is the best

    I thing because Stephen curry should win MVP because for first of all Russel westbrook sucks Stephen curry could beat him any time any where his team the golden state warriors is 73-9 the best record in NBA history And he can rank up 40 any time on the court with his 3's.

  • Curry deserves the NBA MVP award

    Stephen Curry is a strong player who regularly demonstrates himself to be an incredibly valuable member of his team. I think that the MVP award should always go to someone who truly improves their team, and is not being awarded for just being a great player themselves. I think that Curry is a good example of this.


    He was one of the most successful player this season in NBA . No other player was so close to him , as far as performance and achievement were concerned . That's why i think it is the right decision and he is the right player to be awarded with MOST VALUABLE PLAYER (MVP) awards .

  • Outstanding performance all season

    Stephen Curry has put forth an outstanding performance all season. He has helped to lift his team to a contender status. Because of his efforts his team is in contention. Without Curry his team would still be good but he boosts them into championship territory. They will go far into the offseason.

  • Yes, Stephen Curry deserves the NBA MVP.

    The NBA has made it a habit to award the award to the best player on the best team. Stephen Curry is definitely the best player on the Golden State Warriors. He led the team in scoring, assists and steals. Nobody was even close to him in the voting. James Harden came in a distant second.

  • Warriors without Curry is not Warriors but Warriors without Durant is still Warriors.

    Even without Durant, Warriors was winning because of Curry and of course because of the rest of the team. Curry deserves an MVP award not only because he is a good (three-pointer) shooter but because he is a great team player. Curry-Thompson-Green-Iguodala combination is the best! Durant is good but he is not an original Warriors who made Warriors won the first time in 40 years!

  • I think Stephen curry accomplished a lot of stuff that no one else was able to do

    Stephen curry is the first player in nba history to accomplish 73-9 he became the first ever with 402 threes in a single season and he became the first ever unanimous mvp and he's a killer on the floor and the quickest guy on the floor and he gets everybody hyped up

  • Steph Curry = MVP

    I think Steph Curry does deserve MVP because he is a killer 3 pointer. Look at the Warriors Streak. All of that is mostly Steph Curry. Look at all the other websites. All you guys saying LBJ will get it, are wrong. And anyway why should LeBron be in Space Jam 2 when he can't even protect Cleveland. Steph Curry MVP 2015-16 Season

  • Steph is the best

    Look at the stats, look at his team. All those players have become what they are now because of Steph's presence. People like Harrison Barnes and Bogut, even Draymond Green. They dont become they players they are without having Steph curry on their team. He gets them wide open looks because his presence alone attracts like all defenders. Deserving

  • He isn't the first great 3 point-shooter, and he won't be the last

    Flicking his wrist from behind the line and not genuinely working for his points gets him 2 MVP's, yet people like Miller, Korver, Allen, Price, Jason Terry, and Klay have never even finished top 5 in MVP voting? That's a load of bullshit. Though Curry is (most likely) the greatest shooter of all time, all these other guys are still fantastic shooters. And using his "leadership skills" as a reason is also bullshit, because in 2015 and 2016, he still had one of the greatest shooters of all time (Klay), and arguably the best defender in the league (Draymond). Not to mention he had Iggy, one hell of a role player.

  • 2017 im talking about here

    2015 was a tough one, I think Harden deserved it last year. In 2016 he was head and shoulders above the rest of the nba. If you think he shouldn't have won it because "all he does is shoot" for a skinny not that athletic point guard he still averaged 5.4 rebounds 6.7 assists im pretty sure and oh yeah 30.2 points, he also lead and was the best player on a team that set the nba record for most wins in a season. So he easily deserved it in 2016. 2017 now way though, westbrook and harden are the best players in the nba, lebron james is the 3rd best.

  • He's the most valuable shooter

    He's not even the best pg, to be real he's a sg playing pg! He's the best and most valuable shooter, he deserves that award if that will EVER exsist, but "PLAYER" hell nah! He didn't deserve either MVP trophy if you wanna be real about it........James Harden, Russell Westbrook, Lebron James, Kyrie Irving, Damian Lillard, Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, Jimmy Butler are and was better players both years! Cmon Steph isn't even a complete all around player and can't even get physical at all he just snipes and that's all! He plays pussy and can't even guard the best players cmon man.....If he put on some pounds and get a overall better physical game and KEEP THAT SHOT I might agree, but for now hell nah! The warriors can 45+ games without him at least, he just won off of popularity just saying! And I'm talking about both MVPs was won off of popularity! You can't even make a counter argument because you know I'm right!

  • This is most VALUABLE player

    If I were to actually choose someone in the west for MVP, it would be Damian Lillard because he knows how to carry a team all by himself unlike Curry. LeBron is the most valuable player alive because without him, the Cavs win 20 something games and with him it goes mid 50s

  • Watch the Finals

    In the 2016 finals nobody choked as much as curry did.(Except for maybe Kevin Love) He couldn't defend Kyrie or Lebron, and he faltered throughout the whole series. An MVP is a player who brings his allto every game. Curry not only choked in one game, but his whole series was a choke fest(not to mention the series against the thunder) Sure he can shoot, but without his supporting cast and his coaches, would he succeed? He would be like John Wall on the Wizards. A good player but without a supporting cast that can help him win. In truth, he needs his team, not the other way around. Better MVP candidates from my perspective would be Lebron, Westbrook, or even Kyrie. Lebron took the cavs from last to first in one year, Westbrook is a main staple of a thunder offense that came one game close to beating the warriors, and lets not forget, who outclassed Steph at every aspect throughout the finals, other than Kyrie. These three guys bring more to every game than Curry will ever.

  • Can't drive for shit, Warriors can win without him

    Unlike Lebron James the Warriors do not need a player all the time like Steph curry if he wasn't there they would still win game & he's playing like strait shit right now Kerr did not deserve coach of year missed over 40 games with a better backup coach and reasons why Lebron should have got it is because his team needs him he carried the cavs from last to first and is one of the best to do it he is a monster in the finals and can carry a team way better then curry could

  • He doesn't deserve it

    Sure, he's a good shooter, but that's it. He is not physical, he can't play defense. Take Michael Jordan as an example, he could shoot, and is probably one of the best defensive players in nba history, Russell Westbrook can shoot, and he's either one of or the most explosive points guards in the nba right now. To be MVP, you have to be more than just a good shooter

  • No curry should not get MVP award we seen 3 pointers. Before

    No curry should not because Kevin love is not Kevin daurant is not lebron james is not russell. Westbrook is not. So why shpuld curry. Get a mvp award people who are reading this probly agree with me. Im pretty. Sure. The warriors. Will do just. Fine with out CURRY

  • He sucks bad

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  • MVP? Or Naw

    The most valuable player(MVP) is the player who brings most value, who leads the team if you will. Curry does not do that. First off, he does not try to motivate his team like Green does. Second, he does not even have 5 triple doubles this year, and Russel Westbrook had 18! Lastly, He was recently injured, and his team still won 3-1 both series. Is that really 'Most Valuable'.

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