Does stress lead to the use of drugs by athletes?

  • I think so, not always though.

    I can not even imagine how hard it is to deal with all the stress they have. They are not just stressed, but also tired. And even myself, I was just a competident in a show called the X-Factor, and had so much rehershals, that I was so tired, you can't even imagine. So as I can't imagine how it is for them. Hat down.

  • Pressure leads to drugs, not stress.

    Stress is a very common thing among athletes, but it is not the leading emotion felt that causes one to turn to drugs in a way that will increase their level of play. If an athlete is under pressure to perform well, they will be more likely to resort to drugs in order to please themselves and others. Stress and pressure can often be confused but are in fact different when it comes to athletics, as stress is caused by pressure to begin with. Stress is not created out of nowhere.

    Posted by: RS1

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