• Yes, this student's opinion warrants psychiatric treatment.

    Yes, this student's opinion warrants psychiatric treatment because it shows that he does not have any understanding of the gun laws in the United States. People should come to understand that guns must be banned in certain situations. Not everyone needs to have access to guns that are meant to kill.

  • No they don't need a physician

    Their would always be a great tutor for every successful athlete, same likewise their will be a catalyst for any student outrageous attitude or demonstration, sometimes something must propel them to do such evil task, such in the case of the student trying to create anti gun control device or whatever. It really really crazy

  • If the person has the desire to harm others she or he may need help

    I am not a huge fan of the mental health industry. Though we do need medications I don't believe that psychiatric help is needed over an opinion with two exceptions. One is the person wants to harm someone or something. The next is the person is actually making threats rather than expressing one's opinion. If its about suicide then we really cannot actually help that individual. In fact some people want to die and the fact that we deny them that right is disgusting. Legalizing suicide should be one of our top priorities. Harming another beyond the lines of self defense is wrong. Harming someone with a spiritual belief as long as there is no physical harm is a victimless crime.

  • Yes, sometimes it does.

    It depends on the opinion but it could warrent psychiatric treatment, especially if the opinion is "Kill all humans", but without knowing the exact nature of the opinion it is hard to say if that particular option warrents psychiatric treatment or not. Sometimes schools do abuse their power and disipline students this way.

  • Not without more

    I'm not sure exactly what this question is asking. However if the question is weather or not someone needs psychiatric treatment because of one of his or her opinions, I'd say no. It's definitely something that depends on each individual and each case. It's possible that in some extreme cases a student could express an opinion that would warrant getting treatment.

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