• Yes, it does.

    Yes, subsidized housing does truly help the poor. If it wasn't for subsidized housing, the poor would not be able to afford a place to live. At all. I don't see how this can even be in question, especially with the lack of high paying jobs out there. It's needed.

  • Subsidized housing does truly help the poor.

    Subsidized housing does truly help the poor. Sometimes the poor just need a little hand to get back on their feet. They have children that need a roof over their head. It is difficult for a person to get a job when they do not have an address or a phone. Having a decent place to live is a good thing for poor families.

  • They are in need

    These people are often have lower levels of education and are in need of some help because of the economic situation they are in. There needs to be some help for them so it takes some pressure off them so that they can focus on getting themselves built up and move out of needing subsidized housing.

  • It Needs Limits

    Like most welfare programs subsidized housing needs limits or it needs to be reformed. I am not saying these people don't need help or they somehow do not deserve it. We need a society that is more socially responsible and the burden lies on everyone. Subsidized housing can help people but it should put them towards home ownership where they are responsible for the property they live in. This isn't the case now and many people are forced to rent for their whole life due to financial and credit reasons. This doesn't really help anyone because the same people end up needing subsidized housing through out their life. They never learn that a plumbing problem is actually something they should try to resolve on their own, first. They never take the time to scoop the leaves out of their gutters or maintain their yard or any of the many responsibilities most people have to tackle. To me, this is really unhelpful in many ways, but that doesn't mean the program couldn't be changed to make it more helpful.

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