• 25 YEARS of marriage

    They BOTH earned the money. His company was little more than a bottom of the barrel scraping business when they married. It wasn't worth over a couple of million dollars. Now its worth 18 billion. Do you think he could have done that all by himself? They both worked at it, they both went to the office every day, and it increased in value during their 25 years of marriage. The increase in value belongs to both of them. Enough of this exploiting women because they are women.

  • Arnall Deserves Half of What Was Earned During the Marriage

    Most divorce statues make it pretty clear that even with a prenuptial agreement, half of what was earned during the course of a marriage belongs to each spouse. They were married for 26 years, so half of what was earned during that time should go to Arnall. It certainly seems like it should be more than $1 billion.

  • Greedy Greedy Greedy

    I remember when this was on the news, she got a 975 Million dollar check and she refused it, then after a few weeks accepted it so she could sue her ex-husband for more. How greedy can one person be? My reasoning is this: if you get divorced sure are entitled to half the money, but when you have a settlement check almost worth a billion dollars, which is more than 99.99% will ever make in their life time and you sue for more. To me it just screams Greed

  • This is ludicrous

    This is just another shinning example of how divorce laws are exploited. With settlements like this, can we really be surprised the institution of marriage is falling by the way side. It's little wonder a growing populous of men are opting to stay single. I also find myself wondering how many employees of Mr. Hamms will be directly effected if his ex wife decides to liquidate half his assets.

  • Contribution to the marriage.

    In a divorce, a judge just needs to do what is equitable. A divorce division does not have to be completely equal. With that much money. Arnall has more than she needs to live on. She is not the one that earned all of that money. She should have taken much less and been grateful.

  • Su Ann Arnall does not deserve more than the $975 million dollar divorce check.

    Sue Ann Arnall will not suffer nor experience a noticeable drop in quality of life should she receive the settled upon $975 million dollar check. To add more to this settlement is playing into hman avarice and greed and serves nothing more than ego in the form of assets. There should be no further payments in this settlement.

  • No, Sue Ann Arnall doesn't even deserve what she got.

    Anyone who feels any sympathy for Sue Ann Arnall must be out of this mind. Sure, maybe she's right that the court evaluation of her ex-husband's net worth contained errors, but when we're talking about sums of money at this scale, what does it really even matter? Even if he is worth some $18 billion or whatever she claims, what has she done to deserve a large proportion of such a huge sum? Nearly 1 billion is more than most people could spend in a lifetime.

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