Does Switzerland have the ideal health care system?

  • At least for a country like the United States.

    Switzerland proves that universal healthcare does not equal socialized medicine. Don't get me wrong, the Canadian system would work very well on a state by state basis, but it would be inefficient at the Federal level (300 million people, remember that).

    So if the US needs a Federal law that mandates universal healthcare, the Swiss model would probably be the most cost effective way to go.

  • Closer to the ideal

    The argument that the US can't have socialized medicine because it is large holds no water. Switzerland's healthcare system is very localized and specialized, and it delivers the quality healthcare that the people in all its regions need. When it comes down to it, healthcare needs are fundamentally the same wherever you're from.

  • Compared to what the US has now, yes.

    Health care in Switzerland is regulated by the Federal Health Insurance Act of 1994, and all people living in Switzerland are required to have health insurance. Costs for health care in Switzerland are only 10.8% of GDP, while out of pocket health care payments in the US average to $1350 per year.

  • No!

    It has been a proven fact that Switzerlands health care system is one of the most abused in the world. People are also having to wait long time periods for simple procedures. Doctors arent paid as well and routinely cut corners and overlook things. They dont sped a reasonable amout of time with patients and medical errors are high.

  • No, Switzerland's health care system is not ideal

    Okay, maybe it's ideal for Switzerland, but I doubt that was the point of the question. The US has a large, diverse, population that makes any kind of socialized system cumbersome and prone to abuse. The lack of profit incentive for providers undoubtedly leads to lower quality service. Furthermore, the US has fairly open borders which allow people to come and get benefits simply by living here.

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