• They're A Mess

    The offense on this team is a true mess. It seems they can't quite work together or in unison and that is creating a big mess for them. It's a shame since the defense has it's problems lined out. They seem ready to go. But then when the offense gets back out on the field it all falls apart.

  • Yes, Syracuse's offense is the primary reason they are unsuccessful.

    While Syracuse has managed to score a lot of points against teams from weaker conferences, Central Michigan and Villanova in particular, they have not shown up against teams of similar talent. In particular, in their last game, which was a loss against Notre Dame, the Syracuse offense only produced 9 points even though their defense was dominant, producing 5 turnovers.

  • Most likey yes

    I don't hear much about them around here. Everyone around here has a team, but I have never heard Syracuse University football pop up in these parts. If I haven't heard that team name in the very diverse amount of people I know, who almost all like different teams, that probably means they are terrible.

  • Does Syracuse University football have a terrible offense?

    If Syracuse University's offense really was terrible, they would not have any wins at all. Their record suggests the competition is better than them, that great is simply better than really good. To call them terrible when they have had some strong wins (like the one against Central Michigan) simply is not fair.

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