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  • Tax exemptions good for citizens

    Everyone needs some sort of tax break when it comes to their finances. Tax exemptions can help with that and allow for citizens to get certain tax cuts. This is necessary in the economy today and taxes will only increase in the future. So people will continue to want to have a chance to use tax exemptions.

  • No, it does not.

    I cannot find anything in the first amendment suggesting that a tax exemption is a violation of the first amendment. In fact, I cannot find any language stating that tax exemptions are a violation of any constitutional law. It is simply part of the tax code and the tax code is constitutional.

  • Tax exemption doesn't relate to the Frst Amendment.

    Tax exemption does not violate the First Amendment because it is unrelated to it. The First Amendment guarantees that people have freedom of speech. Being exempt from tax does not impede the freedom of speech nor vice versa. If people want to be exempt from taxes they would have to live in a country wthout any.

  • Tax exemptions do not violate the 1st amendment.

    No, tax exemptions offered by the United States government do not, in general, violate the first amendment of the US constitution. The first amendment primarily deals with freedom of speech issues, which can relate to media, individual expressions, the press, etc. The first amendment also relates to freedom of religion.

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