• Taylor Swift is a talented musician

    Taylor Swift has inspired many young minds, saving lives and inspiring change in the world. She is an extremely talented artist who writes her own music and writes candidly about real world issues. Taylor deserves her nominations because of her profoundly strong impact on individuals and the music industry alike.

  • Taylor Swift is the best of this ERA

    Yes, Taylor Swift deserves all of her 2016 Grammy nominations. She is the most popular singer of this ERA. She has a larger following than every single other artist. Her music appeals to numerous ages and genres. There is no reason not to honor her accomplishments with all of the nominations.

  • Yes, last year Grammy was amazing.

    Last year Grammy was amazing. … The Annie Lennox and Hozier performance last year were insane. Also, AC/DC opening the show was incredible. I'm a huge AC/DC fan. I look forward to seeing what they put together for this year and having a seat and probably, hopefully, close to the front 'cause I'm actually nominated for something -- this is just so cool!

  • Yes, Taylor Swift is rightfully nominated for the 2016 Grammys.

    In my opinion Taylor Swift is completely deserving of being nominated for seven 2016 Grammy awards. The young and talented singer composes her own music. She has successfully spanned many different genres of music beginning as a country singer and most recently branching out into pop music. The amount of devoted fans alone are evidence of her talent.

  • No, she does not.

    She is way too hyped up for someone who can not sing live well. I guess go to see her because she can put on a show...If that. Nonetheless, she does not deserve SEVEN Grammy Nominations at all though. 1989 won a Grammy for 'Album of the Year', but it did not even come out in 2016. They should have put someone else on some of the nominations. Don't get me wrong, she definitely could deserve a few of those Grammy nominations, just not all of them.

  • All sounds the same

    Taylor writes pleasant music and doesn't have the obnoxious ego of many of her detractors. She deserved the first grammy she won, but as her music continues to sound the same isn't it time to move on? There's more interesting stuff coming out that should be recognized. Maybe if she took the risk of an acoustic album or something I'd be more impressed.

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