Does teaching intolerance towards intolerance, only lead to more intolerance?

Asked by: donald.keller
  • Teaching intolerance to intolerance leads to not tolerating intolerance.

    How are we supposed to be completely tolerant if we cant tolerate intolerance? Is there a double standard, are we going to single out only intolerant individuals to be intolerant of? I say send everyone who will not tolerate intolerance to tolerance camp, where intolerance will not be tolerated. Phew

  • Intolerance is still intolerance.

    If you are intolerant towards one form of intolerance (intolerance of Gay People, for example,) than all you really do is replace it with Intolerance towards any group doesn't doesn't like what you like (Christians, Muslims, anyone that thinks different from you....)

    You simply replace who the victim is.

    You can say it's only intolerance towards the Person's intolerance, but really you just become intolerant of the person themselves.

    Intolerance leads to quick accusations and misunderstanding... Instead of thinking that a Christian isn't a bigot because a bigot is actually [definition of Bigot], you just start calling them bigots because f*** them. That's all intolerance leads to...

    It leads to strong emotions, and quick assumptions.. All being Intolerance, in any form, does is lead to hatred towards a person or group.

  • You're taking it too literally

    Nobody means we should absolutely tolerate everything. I'm not going to tolerate people committing rape or murder obviously because I don't want to be raped or murdered and I don't want anyone important to me to be raped or murdered either. When people talk about tolerance they mean for things that really don't hurt anyone but that people are whining about anyways. Things like race-mixing and gay people and public nudity. And abortion. Some argue that abortion is murder but I'm never going to be a fetus again and neither will anyone important to me unless I'm about to be a father but then I want the mother to feel just as comfortable about bringing a new life into this world as I am. So abortion really doesn't have anything to do with me or you (assuming you're not a supergenius fetus on some sort of installed in utero laptop).

  • I don't think so.

    Not necessarily, if people only teach intolerance its just that they are teaching intolerance to what they are intolerant to and not teaching others to think for themselves, I believe this is what ethics classes teach. However I think that you can teach intolerance towards intolerance without having people being intolerant themselves, its more about being objective to certain things and learning not to take your own biases and basing major decisions off of it. But if the teacher is already biased, then so will his or her students be also. Its about objectivity and not intolerance. I believe its not entirely impossible, therefore its possible to teach others not to be intolerant to certain things and ideas. Being objective towards a cause even if it differs from your views is a start.

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AnonyFeline says2013-08-15T08:28:06.723
Teaching intolerance raises awareness, which is almost half the battle. Most people would gladly change their attitudes once their consciousness and consciences are brought from a place of ignorance of injustice to a place of knowledge and understanding of it. The final steps are action and passing on their education.