• Yes, the US Team has a real shot

    Soccer is not a top sport in the US and given that every other country sees their team as superior and the US team wants to win more than anyone else, it may they will exert as much, if not more effort than any other team simply because they are the underdog. Just recently they defeated the Australian team which no one expected which has certainly increased their impetus to win and the possibility of them actually winning. Effort = a real shot.

  • Absolutely; they have the potential to go all the way.

    The players they have by far surpass any of those who previously played for the team. Solely in terms of the talent they have on the field right now, they have a solid mix of veteran players and feisty new ones - both of which are striving to prove themselves. The majority of them have previous experience playing for the World Cup, so knowing what to expect and how to deliver are going to go a long way for them in winning.

  • Team USA does have a real shot at winning.

    I think as long as the team practices and does the best they can,they have just as much of a chance of winning as anyone. It takes team work and practice . With these things put into play they have a chance at winning. Winning is absolutely about team work.

  • Yes, Team USA will prevail.

    Team USA entered the Women's World Cup as the favorite to take it all, and though they looked a little shaky against Australia in their first game, they ultimately prevailed. They are one of only two countries with two World Cup championships and this year they have a 40% chance of making it to the finals (according to statistical analysis website

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