• More helpful than harmful

    Consider how much humanity has advanced since even electric lights? Before electrical mastery humanity was stuck under the limited speed of horses and the limited hours of daylight. Sure candles existed but not enough to really do anything. Communication was by snail mail too; and international was not a thing. Sure stuff like nukes(an application of tech) has challenged the world but we've gained so much. Another thing: there was a time where either you lived or died and life support didn't exist. Even better medicine is directly related to technology from advances in making pills to being able to see if bones are broken without seeing them. Cancer detection and treatment is because of tech too. Even double edged things like drones(tech made to destroy stuff from far away) has major advantages like less many people put in harms way to create similar acts of violence/war. Farming has exploded with the invention of machinery and also advanced GMOs that are superior to nature in every way. But the biggest marvel that i don't think any generation before us could have imagined is the internet. You can learn almost anything anywhere at any time. More knowledge than anyone could know exists in 1 massive place that can be accessed almost anywhere(better than a library you'd have to be in to use). Manufacturing and building got a vast boost too....Parts far heavier than anyone could lift or move can be moved by crane or even something as "small" as a forklift that takes up so much less space than the equivalent "humans needed to move the same amount" space and can lift far more than a group could do in a small space. Skyscrapers would be impossible without either steel mills or vehicles or cranes to move such huge beams into place. The global economy is much stronger for tech too because i could buy a share of stock in a company 10,000+ miles away in china and get profits(or loss) results almost instantly(seconds). Technology really causes few problems compared to what it can do for us. The only generally bad thing i can think of is if a bad storm knocks out power lines but that is still far less a problem than the ones fixed by tech.

  • We live longer.

    Technology advances us because we are able to do much more than we ever could before. We live much longer than we used to. With technology, we have the ability to combat disease. Before, life was very hard. Today, we can travel across continents just in one day. Things are better today.

  • Yes, technology helps us immensely.

    Yes, technology moves us into the future in a positive light. There's no doubt about it. When we talk about technology, we talk about things like the iPhone and the Internet. These are things that have helped us to become better connected, more efficient, and happier in general. There's no question here.

  • Technology advance us

    Technology allows us to advance our knowledge, do tasks more quickly and most of all share information. Technological advances are saving lives and making individual lives more productive as well as easier. Without technology, we would still be working much longer hours and living without a lot of what we would consider "basic" human needs.

  • We use tech to much

    People in a korean internet cafe die every day because of video games and thats sad because they know they are adicted when they die they enjoy it and only in there 20s it probaly sucks for the familys and friends im 11 and lost someone i no what it feels like it sucks do something

  • Technology harms us more than helps us

    People seem to forget what life is all about with so much technology around us. Technology sounds great in theory. It fixes problems and is supposed to make life easier in the long run. This way we can move on to bigger and better things. Except, technology does not really do this, because people make it about money as always.

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