• Technology aids education

    Yes technology aids education. It helps people learn new ideas from all around the world. It has been an excellent tool for stay at home moms rather then using preschool to save some money and spend more time with their kids. I am happy that technology has only continued to advance for the good of things.

  • Yes It Does

    I believe technology does aid education. Technology has made it extremely easy to access information and this has made the process of research so much easier. I think technology has made it easier to participate in education and has made education more readily available to more people. I don't think it's possible for it to distract from education.

  • Yes, I think technology aids education.

    I think overall technology aids education by a substantial amount, I think that in today's society the majority of careers and job opportunities will all require people to have a sufficient knowledge of using technology so schools should be preparing their students for that by utilizing technology in the classroom.

  • Yes, technology aids education.

    I definitely think that technology aids education. I think that one of the best technological advancements in recent times is the invention of the Internet. Where before, people had to go to the library to get information on their assignments, nowadays, peope can just look up something on the Internet.

  • No, it does not

    People often get confused here because the internet provides quick information. The things is: quick information is not education. It's simply information sitting there waiting to be read. To learn, more traditional ways of teaching work much better and stop the popcorn brain phenomenon taking place because of all this technology.

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