Does technology cause reliance and human brain changes in response to the environment?

  • Technology does cause reliance

    The heavy reliance upon technology definitely has caused a change within the human brain and it's response to the environment. Historically, our ancestors were very much in tune with nature. Charts and maps were formulated by memory or firsthand experience, and humans were able to read the land for navigational signs. Nowadays, maybe 1 in 10 people can locate the north star!

  • Technology causes reliance and human brain changes

    The human brain is quick to adapt to changes in how it is used, by relying on the many shortcuts available through technology the human brain has adapted to slough off new information as it can easily access this information again through readily available sources. The longer the brain is used more as a device to find but not retain information the harder it will be to prolong memories not necessary for daily life tasks.

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