• Forces people to copy other’s original opinion without finding their own creative idea

    There is so many information on the net that can be accessed that we just follow without thinking if it is correct as the people now are planted with the false belief that everything that technology gives is the only answer to everything. This will result in plagiarism and help a lot of students copy less creative thoughts that have been used millions of times for educational issues.

  • Technology does not decrease creativity.

    I define creativity as an inspiration from older products, Modifying them and creating better products, Whether it is more aesthetical or useful. You can think of some song, Which with creativity was changed into remix, Parody or similar. Even paintings such as Mona Lisa or The Scream can be modified for parodies or to serve our needs. There are many examples but this will suffice.

  • People are just not creative.

    Only some people have singing voices. Only some people can paint good. Only some people can compose poems.
    That phone did not make your steal your child's creativity. Your child was already a plain potato.
    Beside artist actually plagiarize from other people. Star wars was copied from the valerain. Star wars music was copied from classical music. Super Mario music was inspired by musical bands.

    Things are copied, And chances are that whatever you draw write or paint were inspired by something you saw or heard. That is what humans do. They see something and they add their add their twist.

  • Technology is not the problem, It is the attitude toward it.

    Used correctly, Technology can, And has enhanced the creativity on display in the world. However, When people use technology as a replacement for necessary effort and experience, It causates oppositely. If you ask me, The fact that children have generally been becoming more and more dependent on technology and less on creativity is because of the defunding of important social programs, Which contribute to the interpersonal engagement of children, Without which they would likely defer to technological avenues of entertainment, An excess of which leads to intellectual stagnation. The most productive thing we could do in response to this is, In addition to funding such social programs, Encouraging temperance in technology use, Learning to use one's mental faculties primarily, And technology only to augment that base.

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