• It helps nature

    The conservation issues we most urgently need to tackle right now include the monitoring of protected areas, Tracking species of high commercial value, And online detection of the illegal wildlife trade, ” he explains. “Technology has impacted most positively on nature in the past ten years through our emerging ability to achieve near constant monitoring of valuable natural assets, Such as protected areas and rhinos. We are creating a powerful nexus of information. ”

  • Human being use Technology to destroy Nature

    The use of technology will always have an impact on wildlife and the environment in general. Therefore, Even if they are made with natural products, And the corporation avoided hazardous chemicals as much as possible, The product you purchased still leaves a footprint. However, Using resources is not the main problem. It is the over-dependence on technological devices. Our society is moving towards the mass consumption of goods because of technological advancement. Cell phones, Especially smartphones, Are obsolete after only one year, And they almost always end up in landfills. Hybrid car batteries take the same path. The carbon foot print they leave is unthinkable. How many depend on disposable coffee cups instead of purchasing a travel mug; How many no longer want to wait the extra two minutes to heat their soup on the stove instead of the microwave; how many are willing to wash their clothes by hand, Even the few garments they own that have ‘hand-wash only’ on the tag.

    We need EARTH and if we abuse it, We will eventually lose our right to live here.

  • The last Industrial Revolution definitely destroyed the environment.

    As many people say, Technology is a double-edged sword and is competent of both restoring and causing extinctions on a mass scale. Some might argue the current efforts to restore nature through technology that uses renewable energy, I believe that this movement proves the negative sides of technology. Throughout the past industrial revolution, Humans created automobiles, Factories, And all kinds of technology that emit carbon dioxide. The efforts to restore the environment just proves the effect that the past industrial revolution has caused to this Earth.

    Posted by: luzY
  • Technology for nature.

    We created technology to help our first needs, And that means, Yes destroying nature to get what we need to establish ourselves in this planet. But once we get a hold on what we need to live in balance, Then we could use our developed technologies to help out nature itself. But, By that time, Nature would have been ALMOST devastated, It only takes effort from all of society to rebuild once more, And then, A meteor or something will strike us and end the human race. And all of this technology, Will only and always be a little leaf of the tree of evolution.

  • Yes but it can heal it.

    You need a fire so you chop down a tree and use it. You just need to plant new ones and tend for them

    Technology does take but it can also give back. It is possible to turn a desert into a Forrest using technology. People can replenish some materials and improve the environment. Two people in china created a Forrest over a few years, Imagine if you had a robot to do that and could heal the earth.
    Also how many vegetables did you replant after you ate? Everyone uses resources even animals but humans have the power to improve the earth.

  • Technology is nothing but a tool.

    Technology is only a tool that humans have come up with over centuries. It is not the tool's fault that the environment is being utterly destroyed; it is the user's, The human's fault. Technology should be kept being developed to limit the environmental damage and hopefully limit the current progress of annihilation. After all, We are nothing if we do not invent and develop.

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