Does technology destroy our ability to communiate with people emotionally?

  • Saying Nothing Face to Face

    In our word of snapchat, facebook, email, texting and twitter, the art of face to face communication is disappearing. People are becoming used to and even depending on being able to read, edit and reread responses before making them know to others. This has undermined our confidence in our ability to communicate effectively and therefore we chose the safer route of staying behind our electronic interfaces.

  • which is good and bad

    It does decrease petty arguments and little fighting spats. The problem is many people can't relate to the struggles people are going through. It makes people think because their life is good that everyone's life is good. People just can't relate to why so many people are having a hard time when things seem to working for them .

  • Aids it actually

    You can now say whatever in quasi private whenever you like. This enables one to show emotions at any time to practically anyone they please. Without tech you would have to be face to face which is not always possible. Like if I was dating an Aussie I could tell that Aussie how I feel from the other side of the world

  • No, I don't think technology destroys out ability to communicate with people emotionally.

    It is harder to communicate emotion electronically compared face to face but it's still very possible to do so, I think writing out a text style in a certain way can display displeasure or happiness that the recipient can pick up on, also with the rise of video chatting technology most of the time you are looking directly at the person you are communicating with electronically.

  • No technology does not "destroy" the ability to communicate emotionally.

    The use of today's technology does not "destroy" the ability of humans to communicate and interact emotionally. While the use of technology such as texting and Instagram have reduced the amount of face-to-face contact we have these days it has not affected our ability to react emotionally to communications with others.

  • Video Chats Enable Emotional Connections

    Technology hasn't destroyed our ability to communicate with people emotionally. We can now have face-to-face video chats with our cell phones and laptops from half a world away. If anything, these emotional connections are even closer as distant family members can now be closer to each other with technology. Those of us who are closest in proximity to each other won't be affected by such technological advances nearly as much.

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