Does technology exacerbate mental health problems?

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  • In Some Cases

    The mind is very, very complex. So substitute anything for technology and you'll find an individual where that's the case. A few examples, video game addiction. Internet addiction. Now if the question were "Does technology generally exacerbate mental health problems" I would say no but that's not what the question said.

  • It really depends

    Because it depends on your lifestyle, personality, situations that you could be going through that you tried to release the stress either through music, writing, screaming, sometimes be online to focus on something else, but overall, if the person spend way too much time online and has emotional issues, yes.

  • What in the World are you Talking About?

    Exactly how does sugar feel bitter? It feels granular to me. It tastes sweet, even in large quantities.

    What does “anything on excess” mean? And, how is it bad?

    How exactly does technology increase the severity of mental health problems?

    I have heard of its use; but have never heard that it increases the severity of any mental health problems.

    Maybe you could be a little more specific as to what exactly you are talking about.

  • Anything on excess is not good

    Technology is a means to cure the mental Health problems. Even if the sugar when taken in excess feels bitter and so is the effect of technology. So, instead of removing the technology, we should focus more on using it properly. Also, technology is what helps us to find the cause of vaious mental problems. Also there are various factors causing the mental problems and the effect due to technological advancement is quite negligible.

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