• Yes, I believe that technology impacts childhood obesity.

    I believe that technology impacts childhood obesity because the technology that children encounter is often video gaming and most of the games do not benefit children specifically due to the reduction of movement. During gaming the child may and often does remain static for hour upon hours. Resulting in the child not getting any cardiovascular exercise during their play time.

  • Technology can cause a negative impact on childhood obesity.

    Realistically speaking most of the time when you see someone playing video games, they're sitting down. When someone is watching a movie or television show, snacks are involved. When reading social media or new hot topics, sitting or laying down starring at a screen. All of the examples given are common ways that can cause you to gain weight and at the young active age of childhood, those effects can last a lifetime.

  • Technology can be seen as impacting childhood obesity.

    Technology can definitely be seen as impacting childhood obesity.Technology encourages children to sit in one place at a time instead of the exercise they need on a daily basis.Technology also allows machines to do a lot of the physical work that people used to do in the pioneer days when people tended to be thinner

  • This is the most retarded thing ever.

    Technology isn't the reason for childhood obesity. The reason for childhood obesity is the same reason for obesity in adults, Sedentary lifestyle and a diet made up of exclusively junk food.

    Computers & technology have been one of my interests since I was 5 years old, And I am nowhere near obese and have never been fat in my life!

    I'm 15 years old and weigh 122lbs at 5'11, My BMI is right at the 5th percentile. If I were any thinner I'd look like a Q-Tip.

    Technology itself isn't the reason for obesity. It's mostly people that know fuck all about technology who make up myths such as this!

  • Your wrong technology is why wer fat

    Technology is why everyone is fat. They sit on the couch right after they eat and either watch tv play video game and such. They don't do ecxersise and that's when they gain weight. And then they blame everyone for why their fat when it's actually their fault. Start getting physical. Thank you thank you very much. Bye

  • That's the most stupid thing ever.

    Blaming technology on childhood obesity is completely unrealistic. People become obese by overeating, not just by not getting enough exercise. Actually, losing weight and maintaining a normal BF% is almost completely based on your diet. Although exercising frequently helps a whole lot, strenuous exercise 6 days a week is not mandatory. You can be able to play video games, watch tv, and surf the web and not be obese.

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