• It is obvious.

    Tech companies actually do research in how to make their products more addictive. Much like other addictions, It turns people away from others around them to get the rush that this tech device gives them. Tech also provides various levels of anonymity. The person on the other end has no idea who you actually are so you can pretend to be whatever your heart desires. That means, They don't actually know anything about you.
    I can't remember what company it was for but I remember a TV ad where siblings were texting each other while, Not only in the same room, But on the same couch. Look at long car trips. When I was a kid, My family use to play games like the alphabet one where the goal was to, In turn, Spot the next letter of the alphabet on a sign or licence plate. We would do sing-a-longs, Or talk about our day/week. Today, Kids just plug into their cell phone, Tablet, Or video screen that completely shuts down interaction with family. They get in the way of doing jobs, Especially with today's addicted youth. I don't know how many times I have caught younger co-workers texting, Or sneaking off to play a video game on their phone and that just causes more work for those that don't.
    Personally, What I would like to see is, What would happen in the event of an EM pulse or something that nullified tech. Could today's youth survive without them? Some kids can't do basic math without a calculator app. Their handwriting tends to look like a grade school kid. I even know some teens that can't even read an analog clock. Can kids do researcher for themselves or they dependent on search engines to do it for them. My guess is the latter of the two.

  • It harms future generations

    Students hate to come out of their room due to technology inside the house. With technology lending a helping hand to students, They think it is possible to achieve anything with a single 'CLICK'. They avoid reading books as internet helps them. Technology allows us to do anything inside the the house so people do not go out of the house.

  • Yes but No, All about the person.

    I believe that the isolation that technology produces is not because of it, If not the person who uses. Let's be realistic today technology is what surrounds us and sometimes makes our life easier, Just as it has its cons, It has also the positive side, For example: being able to communicate with the people we love from long distances. The abuse of this is what leads us to isolation. So I think the main thing we should focus is to educate people in the right way of how to use them.

    It can also have more side effects, Such as: distraction, Narcissism, Expectation of instant gratification, And even depression. Beside affecting users' mental health, The use of technology can also have negative repercussions on physical health causing vision problems, Hearing loss,
    memory problems, Sedentary lifestyle and neck strain.

    My advice is that you plan your schedules in front of the devices and how much time in between you have to rest, Since it is crucial that the body stops. As well as staying entertained with other types of activities, Whether outdoors or indoors. To clarify: I am not saying that we isolate ourselves from the world and the news if not that we need to be more measured for our own good on how to apply the amazing technology that we have in our hands.

  • Technology isolates us.

    This is something that has been really hard for me personally. As a teenager growing up in the twenty-first century, I have watched my friends isolate themselves by staring at a device that's two inches from their face. I have to admit, I have been a culprit of this before, But I have noticed some people doing it way more than others. It's like they are in a trance, And they refuse to talk to anyone. It's kind of scary sometimes. Texting and social media are huge culprits of this because people will look at it and say, "I'm not isolating myself, I'm communicating with people! " But really, They are forgetting that there are real live people sitting around them that they could have a real live conversation with. But society has led my generation to believe that talking to people is a waste of time when really, It's the technology. Then, People become so addicted to technology that they have to do anything to fulfill it. So yes, I think that technology isolates people, Especially teenagers.

  • OH YEAHaaa gt

    Everyone is on their phone non stop andddddddddd
    Computers also cause a large isolation. The average hours spent on computers are about 10 hours which is WAY to many hours. Also Fornite is a big part of that time, “As for the more extreme players, 17. 3 percent said they play between 11 and 15 hours per week, 13. 1 percent play 16 to 20 hours per week, And 7. 7 percent play more than 21 hours of Fortnite each week” is what Rob Marvin said on October 2, 2018. Yes

  • Yes it does

    I think the reason that it does is mostly the fact that technology gives you anything you want. Entertainment, Food (i. E. GrubHub), And escape from the real world. If you allow yourself to get sucked in, Then it will take some effort for you to break back out. So technology is the means,
    and addictiveness is what should be avoided

  • Electronic isolate us

    When communication on electronics an average amount of children get phones at 11-14 because of all of the inappropriate things on electronics, And the average amount of hours adults spend on electronics are about 11 hours. Electronics truly isolate us.
    Electronic even ruin family time. Every time someone is in the car, Like a car trip, There is probably a TV above them that they can watch, Or a phone never them that they could go on. Sometimes people even text ichthyology even when they are in the same room, Or even on the same couch! However the Iphone company realized that people have been spending to much time on there phones and made a part of the settings area that is called “Screen Limit” and you can put a limit of how many hours or minutes you want to spend on a app, But you still can ignore the limit.
    Computers also cause a large isolation. The average hours spent on computers are about 10 hours which is WAY to many hours. Also Fornite is a big part of that time, “As for the more extreme players, 17. 3 percent said they play between 11 and 15 hours per week, 13. 1 percent play 16 to 20 hours per week, And 7. 7 percent play more than 21 hours of Fortnite each week” is what Rob Marvin said on October 2, 2018.

  • Yes! All the way.

    This is so true that is has isolated us. This reason being is because no matter where you look there is not a spot without technology. I'm at church sometimes and these people are using their phone so i don't know how you can say it is not time consuming.

  • Technology does isolate us.

    I have noticed that in my school there are 4 people or more sitting next to each other waiting for their parents, But instead of communicating with the people next to us we are on our cell phones or tablets. We could know the people around us and make new friends, But wre are constantly on our cell phones.

  • I agree with the idea of technology isolated us because we forget about the real life and people around

    For example, In a certain point we have to separate us from technology and we'll see that we are alone, Real life isn't implicated on internet all the time. For being using the technology we miss things of daily life. Technology isolated us from our nature when we start to virtualize every aspect of our life.

  • I truly hate hearing that

    Lets go to ol'fashion technology yeah? The Railroads. That is where the first "technology isolates us" rumor came from. Before railroads we had carriages which forced people to talk to each other and socialize due to the amount of time it took to get from point A to B. Railroads made it so much faster to get from A to B which inturn lead less reason to socialize in the carriages. But have people forgotten that when at B they were able to socialize quicker than when they used to. They were able to meet up faster with family. They give them the chance to move around so much more efficiently.
    Lets take that to current days. I see where your coming from, You are visualizing a geek kid in a room not touching the outside world. That is a media portrayed generalization. Look outside, The fast af trains, The cars, Public transport. . . . . All contribute to the travelling that provides more opportunity to socialize.
    Ok, Isolation do you mean physically or socially isolated? Sure companies make the tech more addictive but don't food companies do the same thing? I'm pretty sure that's called marketing. So food isolates individuals too?
    I'm not here to mock or anything but think about this. The item that majority of the population has is the smartphone, The most downloaded apps are infact social apps such as facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Viber and messsenger. Now these apps allow people to contact each other from insanely large distances. Is that isolation? Is me(who lives in australia) being able to call my bestie(in lanka) isolation? The way I see it, Technology hasn't made us isolated. It hasn't restricted us from others and does the opposite, Provides us the ability to contact others. Sure it has made humanity lazy, But it hasn't isolated us.

  • Isolate who from what.

    Technology doesn't isolate. We allow ourselves to be isolated. The real question is are we actually in control of technological progress or is technological progress inevitable and will humans eventually become redundant as an evolutionary tool. Maybe the purpose of life was not quite what we thought it was.
    Where ever you go you see people tightly gripping their devices and staring fixedly at the oh so important and unmissable next snippet of information. People are just as happy to isolate themselves when they are out in public or even with a group of friends. It would appear to be the natural order of things and is probably irreversible.

  • You are isolating yourself!

    Only the people who are on their electronics all day are the ones who are isolated by it, Your the isolated one because your sitting on your butt playing FORTNITE all day! Get off the couch and make a schedule on how much time your gonna play Roblox and Fortnite. No seriously go NOW!

  • Technology has brought humanity closer together.

    With technology, You can effortlessly meet new people across the world. You can contact them in a push of a button. In addition we have software's that translate words from other languages for us at a push of a button. So we can even talk to people that don't speak the same language you do.

  • You are isolating yourself!

    Hey stranger!
    If you stay on your sofa watching Netflix instead of going out for a walk with friends that's your fault! I admit that it is quite addictive but if you use technology wisely, It will not isolate you.
    Thanks for reading!
    Have a nice day!

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