• Hard to choose.

    You would not believe how hard it was for me to decide whether or not to vote yes or no..

    While using calculators and phones may remove the need for memorization of phone numbers, and use of hand-written or mental math, technology has also helped us a lot.

    Without technology, we would not have the knowledge about the world that we do now. How would we discover new, more economic/egonomic ways of life? Using technology in science has made many ways of life more logical.

  • I strongly believe that It makes the students really dumber

    I agree that technology has changed the way how people live but its more important to change the thinking way of the people.Parents give their child the tablets but what's the important use of that rather than calling ? Well student often surfe on social media,in India 76.5% of students are on Instagram, Facebook,Twitter. Gradually its making the students spend at least 1hour daily.

  • Yes it is making us dumber

    It is giving us more free time by spending less time doing daily tasks that technology now does but a lot of that time goes to useless things like playing games instead of bettering ourselves. We also have shorter attention spans and we get less sleep with means our brains do not work as well.

  • It dosn't make us Dumber

    Technology does not make us dumb at all I belive technology just makes us lazy because we relie on technology too Mutch and we use calculator instead of thinking in are head .And it makes it easy on us even though your brain needs to Do it because if you do math with a calculator your not. Learning anything. That Is why I belive technology dosn't make us dumb or smarter

  • Look at Yourself

    Technology is not making us dumber at all in any way. We use technology to help us in any way we can to make are life easier. Yes people are lazy but that does not make them dumb. Look at it in the eyes of a teenager. Teens use there phones for everything taking notes, doing home work, looking up facts. But most of all there using it to help them remember stuff like when to get up, or take medication, or walk a dog. So before you say yes it does take a look at yourself and how much you use technology

  • Not Dumber, but Lazy

    Technology does not make us dumb, but it certainly makes us lazy. It makes us rely on technologies created by others, and so it discourages independent and critical thinking. It makes us, essentially, slaves to the smartphone and the tablet.

    We probably appear dumber because of that, because our leaders can easily steal from us and determine the course of our lives and only a handful of people will stand up to them (only to be brought down easily). But the truth is that we've become lazy, lethargic and apathetic, if not really dumber.

  • Technology does not take the information away from us.

    On the contrary, it facilitates the access to it. If you look back at a time before technology and took the percentage of educated people versus today's percentage of educated people, you would notice that we are far more knowledgeable than before. This is due to how technology has made it easy for people to learn. Technology has also brought on globalization and are now much more exposed to the world. The media plays a big part in this. The media likes to show us the stupid people because it gets ratings and makes the viewer feel good about himself. It entices him/her to watch the news again. Therefore, technology has enabled us to become smarter. It is only the exposition of the uneducated people by the media that makes us believe our world has evolved into a generation of idiots.

  • We were already stupid

    Really, the human existence boils down to a small percent of smart people creating things for stupid people to frolic about on. Technology surely has made knowledge more accessible to the average person, but the average person wasn't going to try and find that out otherwise anyway. If anything, it is a tool for the few smart people to utilize, making them more experienced.

  • People also find things that they did not know.

    People also shurch up things and they do not know the answer or a teacher or some one will also ask them or you a question and you will not know the answer to it so once you serch up the answer you can answer the question that the person gave you.

  • I strongly believe that technology makes us dumber...

    Overall I think technology have many pros .Today the students are learning tab education,and are gaining more education. The scientists are so good that they are making inventions, so we can't point on them. Mobile is like a gift to us in India 91.4% of people are using mobile phones.Let's change our thinking

  • In no way does technology make you dumber.

    There's a popular held idea that technology is making us dumb and we become stupider every time we use it in any form it may be including television, smartphones, computers and any other form it's in. When we watch television we process whatever we're watching and we can come up with our own opinions about whatever the show is exhibiting. We become more opinionated and that's a good thing. Smartphones and computers also make us form opinions on various topics and we can think for ourselves. Not to mention that all of these innovations provide us more information than it's ever been presented through books or newspapers. I just don't get the biased ideas people have against any form of technology. None of it makes any sense in my mind. It also depends what kind of material the consumer is viewing on any of these devices. If they're watching something that has educational content then obviously it's going to make them smarter and more knowledgeable. They're going to gain more facts in their head and their brain is only going to expand. Anything that has violence, language, drug use or sexual themes will either make them dumb or just serve a way of entertainment and amusement to the audience. At times I feel like the propaganda against all of these gadgets has a hidden agenda behind it and the motives and intentions for trying to demonize it has underlying, hidden and concealed tactics. Nonetheless, I only think this from time to time and it'snot severe so I'm not paranoid or overly wary as much as I'm a skeptic or thinking about the campaign against technology.

  • It dosent do that shit

    Never gonna give you up never gonna let you down never gonna run around or desert you. Never gonna make you cry never gonna say goodbye never gonna tell a lie or hurt you. Never gonna give (give you up) never gonna give (give you up) ocean man take me by the hand lead me to the land that you understand. Ocean man the voyage to the corner of the globe is a real trip

  • It dosn't make us Dumber

    Technology does not make us dumb at all I belive technology just makes us lazy because we relie on technology too Mutch and we use calculator instead of thinking in are head .And it makes it easy on us even though your brain needs to Do it because if you do math with a calculator your not. Learning anything. That Is why I belive technology dosn't make us dumb or smarter

  • I don't believe that technology makes us dumber

    Yes technology is a useful thing and it can "rot our brain" as some people say. However if we were to use it for every day activities than it won't necessarily make us dumber. I mean think about it. We already know this stuff it's just technology makes it easier and all we want is something easier.

  • Not smarter but not dumber.

    Overall, technology helps equip us with more knowledge than we actually realised. It has made learning much more efficient accessible for the majority. Think about it, in the past, when technology was not as advanced, people would have to go to libraries and get information or derive their answers from asking people. Presently, people would only need to google whatever questions they have and get a never ending list of answers and information. I'm not saying this makes us smarter but it has certainly allow us to gain more knowledge about things like world trends and even about other people's perspectives. We might not have gotten smarter because of these knowledge learnt but we definitely have not become dumber.

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