• Yes, Feel tired and annoyed

    By endless software versions, Upgrades, Apps, Logins and passwords, Amount of information dumped on me, Functionalities and options on the phones and tablets I really don't need or want. By the time you get used to one thing, Learn how to use, The tech companies are telling us it is obsolete, Stop supporting it, And forcing us to use their new "innovations". Just want to run away from all of it to a simple life. Word "technology" itself makes me sick.

    Posted by: Away
  • Yes I definetly think so because you are almost obligated to answer your text message or email.

    For example, if your boss calls you it is not like you can't answer them. This also goes for your friends. Nowadays, there is snap chat in which tons of kids have. All kids want to keep there streaks. This causes a lot of stress. Now matter how old you are you will feel stress out one way or another. Although technology is a great advancement to have in this world, it comes with risks.

  • You're on all around the clock

    Yes, I definitely think so. For example, everyone has a mobile phone. You expect to be able to get hold op everyone whenever you call him. Some people even take their phone to bed, which means that you could call them at night. On top of that, everyone is involved into some kind of social network online, at least everyone is expected to have an e-mail. And because everyone knows that, sometimes people get upset because you don't answer them right away. Especially old people must be stressed out by modern society. Many countries already expect them to learn about online banking and online social security management, only to name two examples.

  • You can work 24-7.

    Yes, technology makes our lives more stressful, because people are now expected to work 24 hours, 7 days a week. People can never leave work at the office. When a client calls, they expect an answer right now, even if it is the middle of the night. People can never really relax.

  • Society of narcissists

    Technology has turned us away from humanity and has forced us to congregate in smaller groups while enabling our inherent narcissism at the same time - the advent of social media being a peculiar case study. We are now finding ourselves reliant on technological advances as a crutch, without actually learning anything for ourselves.

  • Yes, it means more stress

    Technology often claims to make things simpler, this is not the case though. It makes things more complex and difficult to learn and understand, it requires specialization and always having to keep up with the latest updates, upgrades and trends. It’s stressful to try and stay on top of all that, mentally and financially.

  • More Is Expected

    We have to learn more in schools that we ever have to before. That is just going to happen over time though. The real problem is how we are expected to produce so much more and do not get paid any more for it. It is really driving a gap between the rich and the poor.

  • They can have others to help them feel confer with others and make new Friends.

    They can feel as if they are feeling bad or depressed but when some one tells them or gives them something that well make them more happy like a giveaway or supporting your loss and mostly when playing a game than you make a new friends that well support you and have fun each other with out any harmful attitude.

  • Easy and quick

    Technology helps many people solve their problems, ask yourself if technology has helped you? Does it make things easy? Technology has evolved quickly and is changing the world as it goes. It relives stress on others that have no one to vent to so they look for ways to reduce that feeling.

  • Not on their own.

    For some people, technology does cause a lot of stress, but this is usually because they are unable to regulate themselves or have a healthy relationship with the technology they use. For most people, tech does not cause stress and is a way to relax or be more efficient in work.

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