• Well not so much technology, as the subject of my picture

    I think that technology inadvertently takes the joy out of life. I'm not talking about cars and roads, as cars are fun to drive. But rather how everything revolves around technology now. I miss the days when manual labor was the norm. And then a nice celebration on the town to celebrate a job well done.

  • Yes, it does.

    Technology does take out the joy from our life. We have virtual friends now, Facebook and Whatsaap pretty much takes away all our productive time. For entertainment, we go to You Tube and Gaming websites, seldom do we step out of our homes to play with our friends or socialize with people. The idiot box, the television that is, is forever on. Information is just a touch away, and yes, the enthusiasm of reading and writing has been lost somewhere. We lead a very bizarre life, tied to our charger points. How can we say then, that there is still joy in our life's? We probably don't even know the meaning of joy, going out and playing in the sun, the gossips and the fun, that was joy. That was fun. That was real life!

  • We are destroying ourselves!

    Everyone was living just fine without these technological equipment. Some may argue that we're living in a different time frame, but by advancing the technology around us we're harming our body physically. If devices make things more easier, chances are jobs will be substituted quickly. Think about the older generation. The basic electronics are greatly beneficial, but thee continuous outburst of technology will soon ruin the joy of living. Online addiction are becoming much more common in today's society. So yes, it can definitely destroy the enthusiasm in a person.

  • It certainly can

    Excessive reliance on printed words, as happens all the time during communications online, has been found to be harmful. I refuse to have many exclusively online friendships/other relationships. I don't care if I'm the only person in my area that participates on DDO. Technology can be helpful but it should only go so far.

  • Technology is awesome!

    We live longer, and we have more entertainment, who doesn't love watching movies and playing games? Technology now makes books accessible to everyone, allow us to go to the beaches on hot days, swim in pools visit other countries, and chat with relatives across the globe. Oh ya, and technology allows us to be on this website.

  • In most cases, No

    My definition of fun is something that is enjoyable and doesn't harm society.

    So in general, technology does not take joy out of life. In fact it adds to it. It has given us capabilities that no human can achieve in a lifetime. Without technology, we wouldn't be living as long, we wouldn't be immune to most of the diseases we take so granted for these days.

    Annd im too tired to elaborate on my ideas. If one needs more clarification, respond back and ill get to you when im well rested :D

  • Nope not at all

    I'm a gamer and I watch youtube heavily and I enjoy it a lot because you can do a ton of things with technology and today almost everything is made by technology like foods clothes toys electronics so if you hate technology stop buying clothes (cause those are made from machines) and knit yourself a sweater or something and stop bothering us normal people anyway I gotta get back to watching pewdiepie and playing call of duty and gta 5

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