Does television advertising have a negative effect on children?

  • Yes ofcourse advertisement has a negative part

    Advertisement has been playing a negative effect in our life, of course for several reasons; it motivates the psychological point in everyone, especially women. They will run to buy this advertised product especially if it’s from cosmetic roof, just to show their beauty to men, which will lead to more offender and raped cases

  • Yes advertising create a negative effect on children mind.

    When the children view the commercial on T.v. They demanded to his parents to buy this thing if there parents are afforded they purchase it, on the other hand if there parents are not rich then they can't buy it then the children start crying until they get it. So, it's parents banned on watching t.V because they can't afford the behavior of his child.

  • Yes,television advertising does have a negative effect on children.

    Television advertising does have a negative effect on children.Because of the various messages that it conveys,television makes children live in a fantasy world that is not close to reality at all .It is also negative in the fact that it promotes sugary cereals and expensive toys that parents may not be able to afford.

  • Yes, advertising is designed to persuade people to buy, and children are especially guillable.

    Children are in the most impressionable stage of their life. They are like sponges at this stage. In viewing advertisement early on, they are being socialized to want things they may really not need. In addition to this, advertisements also come with messages that may impact a child's self worth. It has been observed that exposure to advertisements can make a young girl more critical of her appearance.

  • No it does not!!!

    Ads make children learn not to be selfish and want things. They show children how to deal with disappointment and helps them understand that they can't always get what the want! Advertising helps kids learn the balance between right and wrong. Overall it is up to the parents to teach the children about how ads affect them.

  • It is not negative.

    TV advertisements do not have a negative effect on kids. Most of the time, TV advertisements are directed more at the parents and not so much the kids. The worse thing that TV advertisements will do to kids is inform them what kind of toys are available so they know what to ask their parent for.

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