• Tv and the Media

    Seeing a story of tradegy on the news briefly could be forgotten within the hour. We watch the news, but then we do the ironing, eat an apple or manage our finances. What adds fuel to the fire is social media. Celebrities, politicians and ordinary people share the story and their opinions. Hundreds of thousands of people share their deep sorrow for victims of horrors they have no personal connection to. There is too much horror in the world. We use the media to make distant horrors our business. This is not real empathy. Its pretending. We should limit ourselves to be concerned only by events that have a personal connection to prevent being desensitised through viewing regular bloodshed on the news.

  • Yeah it does

    The media desentisises oeoiple so much lmao and we need to stop or it will turn proper bad am I rite? Its not grate that kids like violent videogames we should execute kids that like gamnes and gays and stuff as they are proper bad to be honest.... Im out!

  • If you don't think TV is desensitizing your in total denial!

    TV is absolutely DESENSITIZING in so many ways! The media, sports, advertisers, commercials, reality shows, soap operas and even the news programs because NOW everyone has an opinion and whether you want to hear it or not....Either you chose to take back control of your life by shutting it off and saying no more, enough is enough and find a different way to educate or entertain yourself or you end up like every one else..... And then its just a matter of time before you snap and then you have no one to blame but yourself! How to know your already in trouble, you talk over people, you lack empathy, you laugh even though its NOT funny, you walk fast to no where, you have anxiety attacks or are more concerned with what others say or think, you say what ever you want regardless of whether its hurtful, you bully others, you have no filters, you take no responsibilities for your actions or you believe everything you see or hear on television?

  • What My Mind Can Handle

    Before watching a lot of television, I couldn't stand the idea of someone being brutally murdered. Now I can sit through intense killings and watch people bleed to death. Before television, I was deeply affected when I read about other people's misfortune, but now I am not even bothered. Oh a 9 year old girl was raped and killed? I saw that on TV once...

  • Yes television desensitizes people.

    Television is one of the greatest tools used to desensitize people. With the amount of gore and graphic images people are able to access just by watching the news, people are now more accustomed to seeing dead bodies or building burning on fire. People are also able to see violence to a new level they were not able to see without witnessing first hand and do not have the initial affect from a first hand encounter anymore.

  • We are programed to do what we see, to some extent.

    Of course all of us aren't like this, but growing up we learn by watching others. If we see others doing violent or bad things on TV, there is a higher risk of a reproduction of that outside of television. The reason it has gotten worse since the first television show it directly because we have been desensitized, and need more extremities to feel engaged.

  • As it gets more extreme people expect more

    Yes television desensitizes people it continues to get more graphic both in violence and sex. In the 50's the bedrooms of married individuals included two beds now partial nudity is common. Shootings may have occurred in crime dramas but damage shown was minimal. Now blood flying is the norm. The more you are exposed to the easier it is to deal with in life and the more you need to feel engaged in life.

  • Television Exposes You To A Lot

    Television definitely desensitizes people that watch it. There many programs and shows that push the limit with material. As you continue to watch, you become less sensitive to certain topics and opinions. Television exposes people to so much that its only natural that after a while they will be desensitized.

  • Yes It Does

    Yes, television desensitizes people to a number of different issues and problems. Seeing constant violence on TV makes people less aware of how gritty and awful it is in real life. Watching highly dramatic relationships play out on screen keeps people from realizing they are often not functional or healthy if they were like that in real life.

  • No it doesn't

    TV doesn't desensitize people because people who play violent games felt the same thing that people who didn't play violent games did after seeing violent pictures.
    A group of scientists studied people who play games and people who don't. There was no difference in how each group felt after seeing negative or violent pictures.

  • It's the parents' job.

    A lot of the parents may not want to hear this, but they are also a contributing factor in the desensitization of their children. It's the parent's job to decide whether or not their children should be watching a particular show. There's a warning at the beginning of certain programs saying "viewer discretion is advised," which should give parents a clue as to whether or not their children should be watching said program. If parents think that a program is bad for their children to watch, they should not be letting them watch it.

  • No, television does not desensitize people.

    Television has been around for a large number of years. A popular medium provides entertainment on many levels. Television is not to blame for society’s errors. The truth is that as time passes people have continued to desensitize themselves. People are violent in nature. We watch violent television to compensate for the lack of public hangings.

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