Does television have a malign influence on society: Advertisements - Do TV ads have a negative influence on individuals?

  • Advertising may cause individuals to make poor decisions.

    While not all advertisements necessarily have a negative influence on individuals, many may lead to poor decisions. For example, an advertisement may influence a consumer to make a purchase that they cannot really afford. Others may influence them to eat or drink products that are not really healthy for them. Therefore television ads can have a negative influence.

  • I think so.

    I think that certain segments of our population are very suggestible and that most people are suggestible to an extent. I know that even though I am aware of the affects of advertisement that I have seen something on TV while hungry and went out and bought it because it looked good at the time, even if it was too expensive or bad for me.

  • Yes it does

    Yes, I do think that TV and TV ads have a negative impact on today's society. They have made the teen girls of this country think that a perfect body is one that is smaller that a normal health body, and they make alcohol and other bad habits look appealing.

  • TV ADs Are Bad

    I believe television ads do have a negative influence on individuals. Some people have been swayed and brainwashed into thinking that these ads show them stuff they must buy. It leads people to consume far more than they every needed to. I believe television ads further consumerism and continue to hurt America. People should have more will power, but persuasive advertising is very powerful.

  • Advertisements Create False Expectations

    I believe that advertisements on television do have a negative influence on people. Even if it's not a conscious influence, one cannot help but be bombarded with advertisements that have messages about gender roles, how people should perform masculinity and femininity, violence, what you should and shouldn't buy or do, what is "cool," etc. It is proven that advertisements impact individual's self esteem.

  • TV ads do not have a negative influence on individuals.

    Television advertisements are not negative because they inform people about what products are on the market. If people know about the features of new products, they can make more informed decisions when they go shopping. Also, advertisements are needed to fund the creation of quality television programming. Without ads, there could be no TV.

  • No they do not.

    Adverts in no way, shape, or form have a negative influence on the people that see them. Adverts are just showing people what is available to purchase and tries to sell that item to the individual. If people have issues controlling their spending, they should not be blaming adverts, but find out a way to budget themselves.

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