Does television have a malign influence on society: Does watching TV have negative effect on human health?

  • TV Creates Couch Potatoes

    I do believe that TV can effect some people in a negative way, but I don't think it has the same effect on everyone in society. I think some people are entrenched in their TV shows and media and can not pull themselves away. I refer to these people as couch potatoes and of course a sedentary lifestyle is not as healthy as an active one.

  • Read a book!

    Watching too much television changes how we process information - our eyes glaze over, we are incapable of living life without quick cuts, we lose our attention spans. There are some good television series that qualify as works of art or study, but for the most part they are paid for and programmed by advertisers to get us to become soulless husks. Read a book, go outside, step away from the television set!

  • TV has a negative effect on human health

    Being sedentary while watching TV has a negative health effect on society. Being brainwashed by commercials into buying certain foods and certain products is a negative effect on human health. Isolating oneself and only interacting with the TV has a malignant influence on society.
    Any other activity people spend hours and hours a day completely involved with would be termed an addiction and be widely explained as a bad habit but watching TV for hours on end is something which is socially acceptable.

  • Too Much TV Bad for Health

    It's been proven time and time again that watching too much television is harmful for our health. Human beings aren't designed to sit around all day and watch television. These shows might be entertaining, but they contribute to weight gain and overall depression in more ways than we may realize.

  • Watching TV does have a negative effect on human health.

    Watching TV does have a negative effect on human health. Just will anything else in life, too much of one thing will have a negative consequence to your health. I think TV is good in moderation and should be enjoyed. We should not allow our children to get so consumed in it that it acts like a babysitter to them.

  • It has an impact on society and health

    I think it does, we spend so much time in front of our televisions watch reality TV of bad behavior, stupid and dangerous stunt. All the while teaching our children lessons of entitlement. What ever happened to getting outside and laying a game of catch with our children, going to the park, sitting at the table playing a board game. Parents have allowed bad TV to become babysitters, Children watching shows like South Park and Family guy.....What has happened to our values when we view this type of vulgar cartoon as entertainment. Teens watching show like ridiculousness.. Where it is funny to watch someone get hurt and injured? Most of what is on TV does not warrant the cost of even having cable.

  • No, not in moderations.

    Television is a great way for humans to relax and remove any stress from a hard day. It is important for humans to be given the chance to unwind and not become overall stressed out and TV helps with that. Too much may cause some problems, especially with lack of exercise, but in general it can be beneficial.

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