Does television have a malign influence on society: Violence and crime - Does TV watching increase crime and violence rates?

  • Yes, violent tv shows increase crimes.....

    Tv is watch by mostly everyone and everyone watch their own stuff, it may be good or bad. When it's bad, people portrayed bad influences that affects people, they may not go right away from their house and go and kill people, yet we act more violent. People watch and they start to think that some bad stuff are normal to do and that effects our society

  • T.V encourge people to do things

    Television at some extent effects the crime rate and at the same time it teaches lessons. There are both sides. Some TV programs catches audience in wrong direction and might encourage them to commit crimes. But at the same time we have programs like COPS that teaches criminals if they do something wrong they will face consequences.

  • Televison Inspires Fashions, Fads, and Violence

    Of course what people watch on television influences their
    behavior. If it did not, why would successful corporations spend all that money
    to run advertisements? Television has a huge effect on people’s behavior. Some
    women got the Rachel hairstyle to copy Jennifer Aniston on Friends, and some
    men got tattoos to be like Charlie Hunnam on Sons of Anarchy. Some people,
    though not everyone, copy behaviors they see on television, so it stands to
    reason that some people copy violent behaviors.

  • Yes, TV watching increases crime and violence rates.

    I believe that TV watching increases crime and violence rates. There is so much violence on TV today. Young children are exposed to all kinds of violence, from murder, bullying, etc. On TV. They watch this kind of television over and over as they grow up. The crime and violence rates are higher than ever and I definitely think violent TV and video games have contributed to that.

  • No because ...........

    When you watch tv you will always see the bad guy put in jail so then you will think its bad stealing so you wont do it and also you can choose whichever chanall you want, you have the remote unless your just lazy but there are shows that teach you good and it tells you always do good things or whateever (sorry for the misspelled words) there for i think tv does not have the bad influens

  • Not at all

    Infact seeing movies help us to know what is right and what is wrong. Even though the film is violent it gives us a good message.It is that we have to follow.According to a study it has been proved that seeing violent movie does not influence us in any way it only brings up what is inside us.What about people who in society having no social networks? They have crime rates more than us.

  • It does not.

    TV does not have a malign influence on society, watching violence and crime on TV does not increase the crime and violence rates. It is absurd to think that watching violence and crime on TV would all of a sudden make someone go out and commit those crimes on their own.

  • TV has no effect on crime and violence.

    I do not believe that violence and crime goes up or down based off of the way that television portrays it, at least not in any real tangible way. I do believe that people are predisposted towards violence and crime and that the television is just a convenient way to blame something

  • More Crime On TV Then In Real Life

    I do not believe that watching TV increases crime and violence rates. I believe some shows on TV show more violence within TV show, then actually exists in the real world. While this is unfortunate, there are a multitude of TV shows that show no violence at all. I believe there is programming that shows several different views and people are able to distinguish between the varying levels of reality.

  • TV watching does not increase crime and violence rates.

    TV watching does not increase crime and violence rates. The audience is smart enough to know that the violence seen on television is usually fake unless they are watching the news. I think that television watching does not make us violent. I think it all depends on our environment and social surroundings.

  • No, watching TV does not increase crime and violence.

    Watching TV in and of itself is not enough to increase crime and violence in a population. One can make the argument that watching a lot of TV teaches people to have shorter attention spans. One can also make the argument that prolonged exposure to violent imagery makes people more prone to violence. However, one does not necessarily watch a lot of TV or a lot of violent programming.

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