Does television have a negative influence on society?

  • anonymous

    Yes because if children watch "Happy Tree Friends" it is the most violent cartoon channel on the world (that I have see) and they would start and think that it would be perfect to be very aggressive and violent. Television also had been the reason why some people could go to obesity but this goes with fast food.

  • TV corrupts our children.

    Jerome Singer once said, “If you came and saw a strange man teaching your kids to punch each other, or trying to sell them all kind of products, you’d kick him right out of the house, but here you are; you come in and the TV is on, and you don’t think twice about it.” He is correct; entertainment television is an especially bad influence on children for many reasons, including not enough control on violence. These things are quite literally ruining America by corrupting our next generation’s leaders, our children.
    This year, more American children will die from a fired gun than from children who will die of asthma, pneumonia, influenza, cancer, and AIDS combined. What does this have to do with TV? Multiple studies have come to the conclusion that youth who are avid TV watchers become aggressive adults. A study from the University of Michigan showed that children who watched violent TV were more inclined to show violent tendencies as adults. According to that study, “…men who were high TV-violence viewers as children were significantly more likely to have pushed, grabbed or shoved their spouses, to have responded to an insult by shoving a person, to have been convicted of a crime and to have committed a moving traffic violation. Such men, for example, had been convicted of crimes at over three times the rate of other men.” It also stated that, “Women who were high TV-violence viewers as children were more likely to have thrown something at their spouses, to have responded to someone who made them mad by shoving, punching, beating or choking the person, to have committed some type of criminal act, and to have committed a moving traffic violation. Such women, for example, reported having punched, beaten or choked another adult at over four times the rate of other women.”
    The study also reported that the said violence was glorified by being black and white. The “good guys” were okay to shoot the “bad guys,” resulting in a happy ending. This leads to children trying to be the good guys, by resulting in violence instead of working or talking the problem out. Another problem is that the “bad guys” have little to no back-story, with usually nothing more than a nickname to identify them with. Most of these problems base off the fact that children under 8 cannot tell the difference between fantasy and reality. Which covers another topic not censored enough.
    In conclusion, television is a sinister vehicle for bad habits of all sorts. How can you prevent this from happening to you and your families? The answer is simple: limit TV time to two hours a day. One might be reluctant to do so, but look what the old telly can and will do to America. As Nicholas Johnson said, “All television is educational television. The question is: what is it teaching?” .

  • Television shaping society.

    For decades television has been the main source of mass media who feeds the American people with lies and illusions. Everything we watch is controlled by the government and we all know how corrupt our government is. They block any sort of information they don't want us to know and tell us that everything is under control. Seriously people your children are getting brainwashed!

  • Negative Impact on television

    I think violence is displayed too widely on television and the youth see that. I feel like as much as certain shows are entertaining some people get the wrong idea act out according to what they see. I think if they had better parental controls and maybe different times for certain previews. At times when children are normally asleep.

  • Television is evil!

    Famous actress Marlene Dietrich said with the television you are inviting in all the violence, debauchery, filth, materialism, etc. into your home. Isn't that what you're doing each time you press the 'On' button? Whatever it is you're watching, that's influencing you whether you realize it or not! You're feeding your mind with all the filth, vanity, lies and ultimately wasting your life!

  • It influences our behaviour.

    In a 1977 survey with "TV Guide," out of 208 prisoners, 9 out of 10 admitted that they learned new tricks by watching crime shows. Four out of 10 admitted that they attempted the crimes seen on TV.
    I don't know what else to put as an example supporting my topic.

  • Just Look At The Behaviour

    If we look back, even 20 years, how often would we have seen a nine year old wearing booty-shorts and a v-neck tank top? They are already addicted to social media and are barely affected by foul language and inappropriate behaviour, simply because they are so used to seeing it; and for some, participating in these things themselves. But what are they supposed to think when they turn on the TV and see shows like "Ice Loves Coco" or "16 and Pregnant"? Many children aspire to be famous, and seeing this behaviour on television leads them to think that not only is behaving this way acceptable, but also, that if they behave this way themselves they might be rewarded with fame and the fortune that follows. If children had a more stable and moral example to follow (not to go as far as rigid educational television) then their behaviours might be improved.

  • A Weakening Fabric of Society

    One simple reason, there is no age appropriate television. Reason two, there is no age appropriate television. Reason three, there is no age appropriate television. Reason four, there is no age appropriate television. Reason six, there is no age appropriate television. Reason seven, there is no age appropriate television. Thanks.

  • Television is showing too much real life wherein children have open access to everything.

    Children can see various negative activities such as drug activity, sex, and murder on just about any primetime show on television.

    Posted by: Pumpkito
  • Television has a negative influence on society because it portrays so much violence and cruelty and makes it seem so tidy.

    A recent study showed that by the time they graduate from high school, children who watch TV a normal amount of time will have seen thousands of realistically enacted murders, beatings, rapes, robberies and terrorism. Shows like "CSI" show graphic scenes of gore that have desensitized people to the gruesome. Basically, it is hard to shock anyone anymore. I was on a jury for a murder, and we had to view gruesome autopsy photos and murder scene photos. Yet all of us immediately flashed to CSI. We had seen it all before. And though we were not indifferent, we were not traumatized as we would have been if these were new experiences. Those who say TV is not powerful enough to influence people and that children understand it is entertainment are kidding themselves. Why do advertisers pay millions for a 30 second TV spot? Because they know that TV can influence our buying decisions, our taste in clothes and food. TV has made certain behaviors socially acceptable (e.g. the promiscuity in "Friends" that would have scandalized people only a few years earlier.) TV could work its power for good, but who will be the arbiter of what is good? We don't want censorship and I personally love my boob tube. But we need to be aware of the power of seeing scenes that are totally real and riveting to the viewers (e.g. even adults will get totally involved in Soaps as if these were real people living these dramatic lives.) Parents can use some parental controls on their TV's but who is controlling the parents? This is a real issue that must have some solution that could mitigate the damage being done to harden the hearts and minds of a generation.

    Posted by: gaijinboy
  • No, people have the right to choose.

    TV is just entertainment. It is up to people what influences them. Some people think TV programs are violent. Well, shows like iCarly on Nickelodeon are for them. They have no inappropriate scenes. So, you choose what’s inappropriate and what’s wrong for you or your family to watch. Don’t follow other people: you choose.

  • It's up to them.

    Everybody has their own conscience that determines what is right or wrong. So if they choose to watch something, it's up to them whether they want to watch something inappropriate or not. Just because there are shows out that may not be to your liking, it doesn't mean that all TV is bad. You can't put a name on TV just because it has a few bad shows. If you have a problem, don't watch TV. But just because it may go against what you like doesn't mean you have to go around saying all that stuff! It's your opinion, but that doesn't mean all TV shows are bad, so keep it to yourself. If you never want to watch TV again, its up to you. So ha!

  • As a man thinks he is.

    If a man has murder in him Television only lights the spark he has. It is already in him, you cannot blame an in-animate object for the stupid decisions we make in life. It is ultimately up to us to decide what we do. Without television we not would know of disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes or even tidal waves around the world.

  • No it does not.

    No, that is like saying there was no violence before this time period of TV. In fact more violence has been going on due to other things beside TV and games. Many famous people have played violent games and been successful. Bill Gates played the Super Nintendo and creates these games that are considered bad.

  • We are already desensitised, violence brings us back to reality

    Human beings have been fighting wars, slaughtering animals, having sex and not caring for a long time, most of our history in fact. This is not a new phenomenon which has occurred in the last century. What parent groups consider to be inappropriate is usually reality. I trust most parents feel no obligation to take their kids to a slaughter house or a petting zoo before feeding them McNuggets. We're happy for kids to celebrate memorial days for soldiers but a graphic depiction of war should be restricted to adults. We tell kids not to talk to strangers or wander off on there own but don't tell them what a child molester is or show them an actual case of children being kidnapped and murdered, because then you're "traumatising" your kids. The real world isn't G rated and sooner or later your kids have a right to learn that.

  • The real world is worse

    What people see on T.V. is not bad compared to how things are in the real world or what kids learn in history class about the wars and how mean different ethnic group were enslaved. If you just turn on the news everything bad pops up there or even take the Bible (for all the Christians) the bible tells about every kind of evil out there. At least when it is on T.V. everyone knows its fake (except the News or Documentaries) and if parents really don't want there kids to watch it turn it off don't let them watch it if your that worried. But no kid is really influenced by something the see on T.V. At least not anything really violent like killing someone, they are influenced by the world around them the environment they live in not a moving picture on a screen.

  • Television, when viewed appropriately, can actually enhance who we are as people.

    I watch a lot of television. Television opens my eyes to different cultures, different ways of life, and opposing ideas. I feel like I am actually smarter because of the shows I choose to watch. Some shows are guilty pleasures, though, and do no good other than to kill some time. My children also watch a lot of TV. My four year old son can speak some Spanish and can identify more animals than I can. This is a direct result of the shows he watches. TV also helped teach him to count, rhyme, and solve riddles and puzzles.

    Posted by: TownNoam
  • It depends who it is.

    I myself love watching T.V. but I know when something is wrong and shouldn't be done. I also know when to change the channel. I am not limited to such T.V. hours but I know when enough is enough and start to read a book instead. I also watch anything that can help me out in school when I get the chance

  • it can have both

    Most of the arguments for it having a negative affect on society is that the shows are violent or inappropriate for children, but there are plenty of other shows as well. Who hasn't seen cooking or music shows or even the news? Things like this benefit the society and should be watched, so it is your choice on how tv influences you and your children.

  • It's not the television that's the problem- perhaps it is society itself.

    It's all an opinion after all that you are intitled to. People nowadays tend to blame the wrong thing when a situation does not happen the way they want to it. They blame something that does not effect them when the real reason is the way they are. But most people don't like to admit that

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Anonymous says2013-03-01T16:31:39.490
yes beacause there are so many people who want todo the same thing on tv. they want to be cool and copy what people on tv because they want to be cool bu in reality it could get you killed or hurt.
Anonymous says2013-07-12T08:55:43.250
Yes beacause there are so many people who want todo the same thing on tv. They want to be cool and copy what people on tv because they want to be cool bu in reality it could get you killed or hurt.
Anonymous says2013-09-23T04:46:05.487
As a child (and I still am!), I have seen Happy Tree Friends, and I know how it has affected me. All this arguing seems a bit dumb, as you could just ask a child how they've changed after watching something on TV. I know I haven't changed much at all. I just think of it all logically. If I saw something violent, I'd think 'What would happen if I did something like that'. I'd probably end up in jail or in trouble. Is it worth it? Absolutely not! A lot of kids just joke about it, but we all know that we aren't going to, but we don't admit because we're having so much. Thats what I've experienced at my school. Otherwise, one of my friends would probably end up as a rapist. Translation: Doubt it.
But that is just my opinion though...
And their are plenty of other kids out there as well.
Not just me.