Does television have a negative influence on viewers?

  • Bad for You

    Kids are not active and then become fat its very unhealthy to just sit and stare at a screen it also can
    Cause bad sleeping because. The bright screens make you feel like its morning and it will be hard to sleep! I actually. Don't watch TV much anymore.
    ~ Bailey Morgan 13

  • Yes Television can have a harmful effect

    Television can influence bad behaviors and even possibly change people for the worse.Also sometimes people can be simpleminded and think just because they did it on television I can too Well. That isn't the case and it can affect your personality.Furthermore it could result in people shut out the whole world when watching television which results in many bad relationships (Does not apply to all) there are more reasons however i feel like i made my point.

  • Yes, television drain's a person's ambition

    By inundating viewers with endless reality shows and sitcoms, television networks use up most of a person's free time. Instead of learning a language, people are wasting their time watching MTV. Each of these shows are easy to watch, having little story to pay attention to, so viewers put in almost no effort to achieve a little reward.

  • Television can have a negative impact on viewers.

    Television promotes a lot untruths as truths. Unhealthy body images in the form of exceptionally thin actors and actresses is one such untruth. Unrealistic lifestyles are another negative influence on people who, as a result of what they see on television, feel that their lifestyle is not sufficient because it does not measure up to those they see on television programs. Finally, television de-sensitizes people to violence.

  • No, television has no negative influence on most viewers

    Most people are fully capable of separating what they see on a television from real life. If someone reacts negatively to something they see on television, it is likely that there was already an underlying issue unrelated to what they see on the screen. For the majority of viewers, television is simply a means of entertainment or thought-provoking content.

  • No, television is harmless in moderation

    Television is just like any other media, including books, movies, and the Internet, in that it is not dangerous in and of itself. Instead of rejecting television altogether, viewers should be more careful of what shows they watch and how much television they watch. If they watch only uplifting shows and limit their television time to an hour or less a day, it will have no negative impact.

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