• Its good for education.

    It actually teach something to children that help in day to day life. So I suggest give your children to watch television but only for good programs. Because now the society, culture is very damaged and now in every channel there is sex so be alerts when the child is watching TV.

  • Yes it does!

    Tv does have educational purposes like Dora, Bubble guppies, Diego, Paw patrol! They all have educational purposes to teach children how to write, read, spell, how to solve mathematical problems, etc! It teaches children how to be successful in school from a young age until they are in college or even pass college
    , it doesn't just help children, it helps adults learning things that they don't know! Like discovery channel or the news!

  • Yes it can

    Tv is more than tv shows it is for watching movies and more. Movies like billy nye the science guy is good for kids. Tv is a good help just watch a good movie with little kids and you will have a good time. Don't you just love that. Lol

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  • No! Television destroys your brain.

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  • Yes, I've learned some important "things" from television.

    My family and I have different animals and shows like "Dog Whisperer" and "Incredible Dr. Pol" have showed us a lot about how to take care of them. (Not that I didn't know anything, mind you) Other random shows like "Uncle Grandpa" are just stupid. They don't teach anything, therefore, are not necessary.

  • Yes it does

    I think that TV definitely has an educational value. There are many ways to benefit learning from TV. Documentaries and other informative programs are great. Some people learn better from watching something like that on TV. I do not think that learning should be done solely from TV but I think that it has some educational qualities and can be used for good purposes.

  • Television Can Be Educational

    Television can be educational for children in many ways, and many parents realize this fact. However, it's important to limit a child's television intake and focus upon giving them a real education. Plus, children should play outside with their peers in order to properly develop over the next few years.

  • Yes it does.

    There are certain aspects of T.V. that can provide education to younger people and children. As long as they are watching programs designed to teach and help children learn skills and techniques for their future, there is some educational value behind it. There is a slippery slope between education and entertainment though.

  • Yes, television can be educational.

    There is some educational value to television, but it really depends on what programs someone chooses to watch. For example, a show like NOVA or Nature is educational, and can teach a lot about the world around us. There are also programs that can teach how to do a hobby, like sewing, knitting, or crocheting. In general, though, television is largely for entertainment purposes, and the programs people generally choose to watch aren't educational.

  • No! Television is sexist, violent, and racist

    TV is a stupid device that teaches children how to plug in a box and murder people. It contains way too many race and gender biased programs, and is a pass time for students too lazy to pick up a novel or textbook. Seriously people, pick up a book and start cramming your head with knowledge! If people continue to rely on television, then the economy will burn and die, with nobody to save it, and the apocalyptic purge will start. Nobody wants that.

  • TV can educate

    I think a good amount of Television can be education for people. A lot of older shows such as Reading Rainbow are simply designed to educate youngsters while keeping them amused. Plus there is The Learning Channel which is completely designed to educate their viewers on various different types of topics.

  • No it does not.

    Television is a brainwashing device set up by the elite and their corporations. It is there to desensitize us from the harsh reality of economic inequality. There is not a wide enough range of vocabulary used on television. Most of it is sex and violence and the news is biased.

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