• I grew up like this

    I am a young women and i do not like having a television in my house personally. But i know that TV has helped me in street smarts and shows like sesame street, Bill nye, Kipper ect. Are all awesome examples of shows i am going to be letting my own children watch and learn from. Even funny shows like the office, Has helped me to not be that annoying as micheal scott.

  • It is helpful

    Yes it does Sure, There are stupid television shows, But a lot of them can still help kids and adults in the real world. Discovery Channel, National Geographic, Bill Nye, Etc. Are examples of educational TV shows. The Walking Dead is more for adults, But there are still some self defense and survival tips that can help you out

  • Television has educational value

    I believe that televisions have a lot of educational value. There are a lot of shows that can teach kids life lessons and things that will help them in the future. I still need 20 words so I will talk for a bit of time. Vote yes for yea mum.

  • Yes it does

    Sure, There are stupid television shows, But a lot of them can still help kids and adults in the real world. Discovery Channel, National Geographic, Bill Nye, Etc. Are examples of educational TV shows. The Walking Dead is more for adults, But there are still some self defense and survival tips that can help you out.

  • It does have value.

    Majority people say it does have value and I do agree. When people disagree it is when they do not have the correct provider, And they don't spend enough time looking. Most people who disagree are trolls too. So, My team of the Yes' are the higher majority. This debate should be at a close.

  • TV is Educational

    It is educational because there is some educational shows that helps kids learn. It also is stress realiving it could also calm you down.It could help kids learn. People should let children watch tv because it could keep them entertained so you can do things without them in your way

  • Yes i agree

    And you should to i think t.v. is educational because we have shows like how to tech you kindness and self defense trust me and vote yes yes yes OK cause if you do not i will be so sad and have a nice day pls vote yes hope your family feels good if they are sick byeeeee

  • Teaches people about other cultures

    It obviously depends what kind of TV people are watching, but it can show how people living in different places have different lives. It also teaches people about lives of people with medical or mental health conditions which may be new to the audience. Historical programmes can also have educational value because it is much more interesting than actually studying different time periods for school. Books are better than TV for this, but I also think it could make people more empathetic, especially when hardy anyone reads.

  • It can help with education

    You might not know but some channels always has something for a message take Disney channel for example it has very popular shows and the episodes they have would mean a message about something one time they made a movie called "zombies" which was a movie about basically treating people different

  • It has a lot of educational value

    Here are some tv shows that are educational: mr. Rogers Neighborhood, Thomas the Train, Super Why, Bill Nye the science guy, Clifford, Seaseme Street, Word girl, My favorite is liberty’s Kids which is about history but also has good vocabulary, Tv is very educational I agree with yes P.S. I am a kid experiencing this

  • TV does NOT have any educational value at all

    TV nowadays only have comedy shows, bogus alien sightings, or not-true history. It is extremely hard to find actual educational shows for kids. There never is actually shows that teach young kids to do any subject at all. Very many shows are actually misleading information that can deplete your IQ!

  • Yes but strongly No

    It has been said that television has little real educational value. I believe this is true because most shows or series don’t have anything to do with science or math. It’s true, some shows like discovery and animal planet have to do with science and nature but the other shows have nothing to do with education. Most shows are about cowboys and aliens and don’t specify on the importance of studying or learning to students and/or adults.

  • Not any longer.

    Any educational value derived from television is purely incidental at this point. Ask almost any competent historian what they think of the veracity of shows on the History Channel, for example, and they'll probably snort with laughter. If a channel that does nothing but air shows discussing events well-documented can't get it right, we shouldn't have too much hope that anyone else can do the job, either. TV is good for a laugh or to gape at the reality show circus of the moment, but not much more than that.

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  • It's really not.

    Honey Boo Boo is Satan incarnate and as of now, people idolize still those who create television by the media. People who turn to television for education are sadly denied what they search for, simply because these people who choose to be ignorant and everything that is wrong with people is what they will receive. Succ.

  • It is not educational

    It's not educational because it is very irrelevant because it will make you rotten your brain and also some of them the TV shows have not making much sensible to each other and it is not willing to use your brain and it has so many dirty jokes and it will make you a worst day ever in your whole life

    TV is for stupid people it makes you waste your brain.

  • Most of it is crude and inappropriate

    All of the little kids should not be seeing that kinds of stuff. Most of the stuff on tv is not educational. There is so much violence and inappropriate stuff. I think that nobody should have tvs. I know that tvs and video games kill your brain cells and it slowly kills you. It can lead to an early death. A study shows that kids that watch tv or play video games more than 3 hours a day leads to an early death.

  • Just cause' bih

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  • Because yes no

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  • I am right all the time

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