Does television influence children more than parents?

  • Yes I do

    As both the parents today on the name sake of ''EQUALITY'' do work in offices children have no one at home leaving workers so the watch television. There are many examples for following:
    1. The advertisements of certain things influences children.
    Etc many more. So I prefer that television influences children more

  • Absentee Parents Beaten by Television

    When parents let their children watch too much TV and don't parent them, then the television does influence children the most. Of course, plenty of things are wrong with this situation, and many parents need to reassess their priorities and actually take responsibility for their children. Otherwise, kids will grow up learning crazy things from television.

  • Television Influences Children more than Parents

    My belief is that television has a greater influence on children rather than on their parents. My reasoning behind this is that children are like clean slates that can be filled with new knowledge. Parents on the other hand have already had many experiences in their lives, and as such already have formed opinions making them much harder to be influenced by television.

  • Yes, the television can be a huge influence on children.

    Children are like sponges, and they absorb what they see and hear. It wouldn't be true for all families that the television would be a bigger influence than the parents, since not all families are big on letting their children watch the television, but the television is definitely a big influence on children. This is one reason sugared cereals got flak for advertising during children's programming. Kids are very influenced by what they see, and they will emulate their favorite characters. That being said, parents can control what they watch, and only choose programming that is suitable and positively influential.

  • Television Is a Bad Influence on Children

    Unfortunately, television has a huge influence on children, probably more so than their parents. What they see on tv is the way they believe life really is and they emulate what they see. Parents, who are spending a great deal of their time at work and involved in other activities, seem dull in comparison to the exciting, dangerous lives these children see in television programs. It is no longer the day of I Love Lucy and there is far too much violence, disrespect toward others, and crime on television, and I believe it is a mistake to allow a child to watch too much.

  • Yes, TV influences children more than parents.

    Even when not trained in critical thinking, many people have cultivated a healthy skepticism by the time they reach adulthood. It is common knowledge that television commercials try hard to sway viewers to buy the products they promote and that they sometimes employ indirect means or are not completely honest in the process. Even television shows sometimes espouse particular viewpoints in not-so-honest ways. The skepticism that protects us is learned; we are not born with it. Therefore, children cannot help but be more susceptible to television.

  • Yes, of course ..

    Absolutely yes, because most of the time children are watching television than parents. Children really don't know the fact and falsity in life
    . They are just watching television with no understanding about it, they thought that what they saw on tv is the reality and most of them follow it. While parents does to know it, whether it is right or wrong . Parent's nowadays are really busy because of their professions and they don't have time to watch on television, so they can't be influence by it.

  • I think this should be moved to the Entertainment section.

    I believe they don't because we still learn our morals and values from family and friends. We would look to people around us and what they do rather then a character on TV. Even at a young age i believe we can tell the difference between what is real and fiction.

  • Parents influence children more than media.

    Parents have the authority on what the children watch, if they even get to watch TV. Parents have the ultimate influence on children and EVERYONE has to realize that. Parents have the power, parents have the authority and we need to remember that. To add to this fact, children watch fiction as well, and so their parents educate them about the unrealistic views of watching this, and so who would you believe, blood, or water...

  • Parents Dictate What Should be Watched

    Parents should more closely monitor what their kids watch on television and explain certain concepts to their kids when one comes up in a show that isn't understood. Parents and their choices ultimately influence kids more than a million hours of television. When good parents lead by good examples, their kids will follow in their footsteps.

  • TV is the opposite.

    I honestly feel when it comes to television, adults can actually be more influenced then children. Most children watch silly cartoons with commercials that air ads for more silly cartoons or food ads. While adult shows air ads for colleges, cars, debt relief, etc. An adult may see these commercials as influential, while a child may view it as rubbish.

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