• It kills imagination. . .

    Television, An instrument used for entertainment. It is moreover an instrument that makes children and adults addicted to it. The people who just sit and stare at the television lose the ability to think. They neither read books no go for playing. But just sit and stare. This also kills imagination

  • TV does hurt your imagation

    TV can change a person in many ways because if they see it on TV and go out and try it. . . That could be damage to the kid. Some kids might think anything they see on TV can be real. . . But little do they know its not real at all until someone tell them.

  • Television kills imagination

    Television is a radioactive box which emits radiations which causepain in the head if seen too much. This pain in the head stops the thinking ability and imagination gets killed. TV also has its own characters so kids don't imagine but if they read a book they can visualize and Image the characters.

  • Television kills imagination

    Read "Television" by Roald Dahl. It says television as a monster,a nauseating ,unclean fool, idiotic thing, repulsive ,and a lot more. It shows images and doesn't make the children think and imagine. On the other hand,reading books enhances imagination and creativity. So throw your television set out and start reading books.

  • Television kills the imagination of the children

    The television numbs the brains of the young children and kills their imagination.It also distracts them from the joys of reading. Children sit for long hours at one place without any movement. Children laze around in an idle way. Nowadays, they are not active. They do not go out and read books because of this monster.********************************************************************************thanq u

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  • TV makes your creativity blank.

    When you read a book you maybe like,you get the picture in you head and some add effcts.On the other hand,when you watch TV it forms the picture in your head and there is nothing to create.When watching TV all day your imagination fades and you become less interested in reading as well

  • Television has a negative impact on imagination and therefore, creativity.

    You become the perfect candidate for receiving, with little to no output. The brain does switch from Beta to low Alpha waves and as you go into a meditative state, your ideas slowly become someone else's and these ideas are shared amidst the large group (populous) and become less unique to you through, given, mass-production.

  • Television does kill imagination.

    Television does kill imagination. When children are sat down in front of a screen for hours on end, they lose the ability to think and create for themselves. That screen is telling them what to do all the time, which causes them to lose their sense of self and their imagination.

  • TV does not kill imagination

    I do not understand. How does an instrument that is used to entertainment and updates news for one be such a harm for them. TV definitely does not kill imagination! If the TV is in North Korea, Then I might be able to relate to it with killing imagination because the civilians were literally told to worship their leaders.

  • Television is a boon.

    The television is boon and should be used wisely. A coin has two sides. A human could be known for bad deeds or good deeds. It is according to us how we use the television. It is according to one hoe to interpret the use. Sometimes one gets new ideas from the T.V. Today televisions are smart T.Vs and have Internet. Humans have made the television so we ourselves are cause of both destruction and development.

  • Television doesn't kill imagination and creativity

    Television is a boon given to us by technology which helps in our entertainment. It is a good source to entertain ourselves only when used judiciously. Watching good channels like ''discovery''on television increases our imagination power along with general knowledge. The imagination and creativity are affected only when we are obsessed to it.

  • TV does not kill imagination

    No. I do not think that TV kills imagination and that it instead stimulates imagination. A good way to get a kid interested in using his or her imagination would have to him or her watch a station like PBS or Nickolodeon to see all the different shows and creativity.

  • No, television doesn't kill imagination.

    Television is an amazing tool for story telling and creativity, just as films and plays are. The problem is that there are reality shows now that are on all the time that are not creative at all. A steady diet of this certainly does kill the imagination. That is why television must be watched selectively.

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