• Hispanics, Blacks Have Larger Roles

    Think of Tyler Perry and George Lopez and their shows on television. They represent modern American families that are the present makeup of this country. Many television shows feature white characters, but that's not what America is about anymore. Ten years from now, there will be more shows that feature Hispanics and blacks just like the ones produced by Perry and Lopez. Those are the new norms for modern America.

  • American families are diverse

    Television tends to show the same type of family with a dumb father, an overwhelmed mother, a dumb son and a nerdy daughter. These families tend to be the same in their middle class lifestyle, which portrays life as all fun and games. This lowers the expectations of American families, and presents the idea that this is normal. We should remember how horrible these families are, while still loving toward one another generally. This is not a typical American family.

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