Does text messaging help (yes) or harm (no)?

Asked by: bloyoin
  • I think that text messaging definitely helps.

    I think that text messaging definitely helps. I think that text messaging is good for
    society. Text messaging has
    revolutionized the way that we communicate with each other. I honestly don’t know what we did before the
    invention of cell phones with text messaging technology. Things are just a lot more convenient now.

  • Text messaging helps.

    Text messaging is an important new technology that helps people to communicate better. Text messages are an important way for people to send messages in real time when they can neither use phone calls or email. In the future, text messages will be even more ubiquitous. Also, text messages don't harm anyone.

  • Text Messaging Helps Us Stay In Touch

    Yes, text messaging helps by allowing us to stay in touch easier. Instead of having to make a call and wait on a messaging service if someone is unavailable, a person can send off a quick text message as a note to another person. Since such messages do not require the use of voice, it can even be done in quiet places like libraries.

  • Yes. i believe text messaging helps.

    Yes. i believe text messaging helps, because of it's convenience. Text messaging is one of the greatest technological advancements ever. It is a safer then phone calls which takes longer, and distracts a person from their main focus. A text only takes a few seconds to send, and receive. Text messaging is great.

  • Yes it helps.

    Text messaging helps because sometimes people just have a quick question they want to ask but do not want to spend time on the phone or get drawn into a very long and lengthy conversation. It is an easy and convenient way to ask someone a question than move on.

  • Yes, it is convenient.

    Yes, text messaging is helpful, because it allows people to communicate in a simple way. With a text message, a person can respond when they have time, and there isn't a big rush if the person doesn't respond right away. Text massaging is a very convenient way to contact each other and exchange information.

  • It Saves Time

    Text messaging saves time! If you write a letter to someone asking can they come over [just an example!] it could take a couple of days to get to them whereas if you send a text it gets to them in a couple of seconds. Text messaging is the future!

  • Causes health problems

    Texting can cause, depression, constipation, headaches, backaches, and even heart disease. But not only that, it can cause many car crashes. Texting harms society in many more ways than it benefits us. There is communication, but there's always email, calling, or a traditional letter. It harms us way too much.

  • It is a big problem.

    This is because it has many drawbacks such as massive addiction problems, having less face to face conversations and could possibly hurt your health. It is also another gate way to bullying. Many more car crashes occur due to people texting while while driving. Its not worth risking all of these problems just for a little faster communication. Texting is very harmful and does more harm than good.

  • Texting Causes Traffic Deaths

    Text messages cause more problems than they solve. Texting while driving causes traffic deaths. Sexting ruins marriages and relationships. Text messages are good for basic things like shopping lists and quick messages to people you care about. However, the practice has become so addictive to some people that we are a society obsessed with texting.

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