Does the ability to articulate masterfully equate to infallible truth (yes), or is truth simple and only requires simple explanation (no)?

Asked by: Apparelled
  • It is what it is

    Truth is simply fact, and humans can only try to understand truth. I can tell y this question that you think crafting words in a complex way may blur you to think you are smarter. Philosophy can be like religion in that much of it is based off of what people wish they had rather than just rolling with what life hits you. For peat sake, we are not masters of our own mind. In reality, the truths of human thought come when one stops wanting to find them.

  • Truth is simple

    To many times in philosophical debate it would appear that the people who are able to verbally overwhelm an argument feel that their logical rhetoric trumps a simple truth provided by what would appear to be an uneducated source. And although I would agree that the articulate are correct the majority of the time, they refuse to accept when a simpleton presents a simple truth but is unable to substantiate it due to their vernacular.

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