Does the abuse of McDonald's have a greater potential healthcare cost than the abuse of marijuana?

  • Obesiity and related problems are epeidemic and cost us a fortune

    Obesity is costing countries a fortune and rising. Meanwhile, money is being squandered on the pointless 'war on drugs' like marijuana and criminalising otherwise law-abiding people. It equates the Prohibition Era. Admittedly smoking it carries the same risks as cigarettes but most people don't smoke 10-100 joints per day, whereas this is not unusual for cigarette smokers.

  • Heart attacks are a major cause of death.

    Heart attacks are a leading cause of death. Obesity is a big problem and causes many serious health issues. For these reasons, the abuse of McDonalds poses a greater threat than Marijuana. Marijuana has more medical uses and positive medical qualities than bad ones, at least, as far as we have seen so far.

  • Yes, obesity is big problem

    Obesity is one of the most expensive health care issues we have as a country. Overeating is a common cause of obesity, as well as lack of exercise. There are little known long term affects of marijuana and generally the abusers of marijuana do not seek medical care unless they receive a tainted batch.

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