• Yes, they have no standards.

    Yes, the ACLU supports child pornography, because they support all kinds of terrible things in the name of freedom. The ACLU's position is that there is no right and wrong, until the point that someone claims they are offended. To them, wearing an American flag shirt on Cinco de Maya is offensive, but child pornography is not.

  • Stop Attacking Those That Stand Against Injustice

    The ACLU gets so much flack despite being hands down one of the best organizations anywhere. We need them.

    They are standing against injustice perpetrated by law enforcement in many instances. It doesn't mean they are condoning abuse - quite the opposite. They are trying to protect people, Same as always. You won't find the ACLU doing anything to support child pornography, Only protect those that are unfairly treated with respect to it.

    When media or similar whip up hysteria, As is clearly the case on this subject, It takes very courageous individuals to stand for reason.

  • Legal Defense Does Not Necessarily Mean Support

    Although the ACLU did represent NAMBLA in a 2000 wrongful death court case, that does not necessarily mean that the group supports 'child pornography'. The group has also supported a variety of hate groups on the basis of freedom of speech. Supporting a group's right to freedom of speech does not necessarily lend support to the things they're saying.

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