Does the advancement of modern media help to propagate anti-American sentiment in foreign countries?

  • Anything can be said on the internet.

    I would agree that the media landscape has changed significantly since the advent of the Internet and even increasing availability of cable news. The consequence of this is that people can get news that fits their own interests instead of relying on objective sources. This creates an environment where people don't get to know the facts but rather affirmation of what they think.

  • Advancement in communication leads to more communication

    The evolution of the Internet and other various sources of information has made it much easier for those that would desire to disseminate information. Whether that information is true, false, or just spun into a particular ideological message, it is all easier to get out there. It becomes more and more important to find resources that report the news that not only you want to hear, but is relavant to your daily life. In the quest for such a news source, people that share your views, or want you to share their views are often where people find their news source. This evolves into indoctrination and only hearing, reading, or seeing one side of the story. The eventual conclusion is if America wants people to stop hating them, they should stop bombing people. The news media or increased access has nothing to do with that.

  • Foreigners absorb negative information about America

    American modern media is full of negativity and recklessness. From news shows to talk shows, to bleed-to-lead journalism, the American media puts out the most negative and societally unproductive information at the forefront of TV, internet, and newspaper publications. People in foreign countries see this information disseminated and instantly get negative vibes about the United States.

  • And other things

    There is much to be said about the media for many different reasons, and this is one of them. Intensely critical viewpoints of America has allowed for other, poorer countries to be able to disseminate viewpoints in their own country without any over sight or need for even handed views.

  • Some Propaganda Also Needed

    With the Internet and a 24-hour news cycle, anti-American sentiment can be advanced in foreign countries thanks to modern media. Some recent events include the anti-Muslim amateur movie produced in California that caused riots in foreign countries. Another incident included the burning of Qu'rans by pastor Terry Jones of Florida. Without the Internet or modern media, those stories don't get blown out of proportion.

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