• I think the current level of paranoia is over the top.

    I think all of America over-reacts to the prospect of foreign terrorism. Europe has been living with terrorist threats for much longer than the US, and yet they don't have anything like the levels of in-your-face security and restrictions, and yet Europe seems to be warding off the attacks as well as America. My feeling is they could be a little less aggressive without increasing the risks.

  • All of America overreacts to the prospect of foreign terrorism.

    Paranoia over terrorism is not contained to the American South. Since 9/11, the entire country overreacts to the possibility of foreign terrorism. The fact of the matter is that the United States is geographically difficult when it comes to executing terrorist plots and our military arguable one of the best in the world when it comes to defence.

  • It's not a geographical thing

    In reality, the areas that can most justifiably be afraid of terrorism are major cities and metropolitan areas. Terrorists want to attack major cities and cause massive media frenzy damage. The South, still shuld be fearful and aware of the possibility agricultural terrorism could play. An attack could be devastating.

  • The South is correct

    The American South does not overreact to the prospect f foreign terrorism because the threat is always there and growing each year. It will be the wrong thing to do to become complacent and to not worry about terrorism. Some people do not think that terrorists exist and not to worry about it.

  • No it does not.

    The American south has nothing to worry about. The terrorists are not concerned with the American south. I am not concerned with the large cities myself. Let the southerners stay safe from terrorism and let the more populated areas of the country deal with terrorism. We do not need this extra hassle.

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