Does the amount of time a child spends playing computer or video games affect his or her social development?

  • Yes it will.

    When kids get home what is the first thing they do? Go straight to any device and start playing. They end up not having enough time for family,homework or school. Then their education is ruined!! Well, oh no, what will they do now for entertainment!! Parents what did you do in the day there was no electronics? You read, you played outside, you went to your friends house, some people even got in a horizontal line and tried to climb up the hallway. The possibilities are endless. Just try them.

  • Yes it does

    My son does not do homework, stays up late, cuts school.
    Mind you he's very smart and tests well. I can only imagine the heights he could soar to
    if he applied himself....I'm truly disappointed
    His sister double majored at Syracuse and was done in 3-1/2 years ( no video games)
    I guess the proof is in the pudding

    posted by wickerman22

  • We are young

    Video games make no sense in life. It only affects your brain to be more violent and uncaring and dumb. You waste your time and become more lazy when you dont even know when your gonna die. You might even die this very moment by a dreaded earthquake. Watch your steps in life.

  • 4 year old temper tantrums

    I have a 4 year old who has major breakdowns when he is told he can't play video games on the wii or ipad or asked to be all done playing. His grandparents introduced him to Mario kart on the wii and he loved it so we continued to let him play a few games but now am regretting introducing him to video games. We have tried the timer method but he still throws a major fit when we need to put it away then it ends up ruining our entire day with him in a bad mood. We ended up taking away all electronics from him and maybe will let him play with it for a short time on a rainy day and see if he improves behavior.

  • May cause awkwardness

    Video games socially isolate the kids and leads them to have a false relationship with people online. They are not really interacting with anyone, not to mention it kills a lot of brain cells doing nothing. It may also cause rage, i.E 'rage quit' and other violent outbursts. All in all, the best thing to do is limit the time playing video games.

  • Sure Does!

    I grew up in a bad situation. My dad was addicted to methamphetamine and my mother wanted to advance her life in another state. Since my father had custody, of course I was forced to stay with him. During this very horrible time, i found a video game that I really liked (Diablo II). Every morning before school I would play it until the very last minute before I had to leave. While at school, I would often think about it. After school the first thing i would do is my homework (self taught obedience). My dad would always be in his room with the door closed for days on end. After homework, I would immediately go to playing my game. During this period of time, I had no friends and got made fun of a lot. My security was in the game. Since it was an online game, I could be another person, or rather be who I actually was while suppressing the person I am in real life. Me and my brother were both playing Diablo II at this time. We would set time limits of 1 hour a piece and alternate between each other until I decided it was bed time (10 PM). I am telling this story to allow people to understand the implications of video games on a developing brain. I am 22 year old now and I deal with Social Anxiety Disorder. I connect this problem to too much video games. It could be a combination of horrible parenting and a constant addiction to a game. Either one or the other, children need a stable environment with the emotional and mental development with a parent. If you think your child may be playing too much video games, then your child is playing too much video games. Your child needs you mentally. Our evolution did not prepare us for this age of technology. I have social anxiety because of video games. I am literally scared to talk to people, even my friends. I am lost in this world, with constant negativity and depression. It's may be hard for people to understand, but too much game play can lead to very negative developments for a child. Just remember this, and do not allow you child to play too much games. Take them outside, to the park, aquarium, pool, or cinema. KEEP THEM ACTIVE (mentally and physically) That's my advice, and I hope people take it.

  • I was that kid

    When I was 10 I started playing online games and spending most of my day on the computer. I stopped going outside, stopped socializing with others, and slowly became a paranoid, insecure and insane little kid. I was this way until I was 12 years old, luckily my step father came along and took it away from me. I cried more when he took the computer away than I did when my grandfather died a few months before. So yeah, it affects a kid's mind quite a bit.

  • If they are on the computer too much they are interacting less

    Kids miss out on the essential time communicating with parents and interacting with siblings and friends where they develop their social skills.

  • Don't believe in consequences

    They play video games where you shoot people and they just start over! When you get killed you just die! There are NO consequences if they get to school and punch someone they won't think they will get into trouble because in the video game they can kill someone and don't get into trouble! So nothing is bad when they could kill someone!

  • The amount of time a child spends playing games on the computer or on a video game system affects their social development, because it colors their way of thinking about the world.

    Anything that people spend time on will change their perception of the world around them. The longer that kids spend playing video and computer systems, the more this changes the way they look at the world around them. It takes time away from them socializing with other children. If the games are aggressive or violent, this immerses the children in a world of violence, and makes violence feel more "normal" for them.

    Posted by: GainfulValentin57
  • it all depends on how you look at it

    because most kids do spend time playing these games online and on the video game consels (such as x box) kids will be talking about he games a way yes and in a way no. but mostly no it does not effect social devlopment. it gives them a starting ground or a "break the ice topic" to talk about when they meet new people (new friends)

  • No, and people are ignorant to think so.

    People blame the computer and videos, because it is an easy target to hit. If you really wanna look at people being isolated look at the school system and how well they don't enforce bullying. How they allow certain individuals to be cast out of things. Which teachers could easily, fix by doing more group work with him/her choosing the students for the group. I mean I could play outside by myself and still be isolated. Their isn't a difference. I've seen many people try to down video games and everytime the psychologist admits to never playing a video game themselves, nor give legit evidence. I've seen one that the psychologist said violent video games stimulate more brain activity and that is bad..... That if I play for more then 2 hours a day I will want to go out and shoot people like I did in the game. It's all bullshit. And people are ignorant to think so.

  • This is total Bull puckey! I'm living proof that debunks this debate.

    I am 6 feet 2 inches, 185 lbs, all muscle, I'm one of the more popular students in the cliques, and I've had a constant 30+ hours of video games since I was in third grade. There is no physiological evidence that playing an excess of video games degrades one's social status or thinking processes. Yes, this is entirely situational as to How much exactly one plays, and how one manages their time; but regardless of age, there is no cataclysmic effect on people. I played baseball all my life until high school, where I picked up a multitude of sports, and still managed up to 40+ hours of video games. I've had at LEAST honors every year except one quarter, where other things had intervened. I am around 80th position in my class, and have received multiple honors; and I have a level 85 rogue on World of Warcraft. In school I talk to someone from about every clique, I've had multiple little relationships, and I've been screen-glued since the super nintendo. Desensitization is not an issue from video games, as many, no matter how well graphics they have, cannot recreate the physical and emotional state of having witnessed someone being killed on the news or in person.

  • Obviously some of you have not heard of on line gaming - which involves others - hence - promotes the development of social skills.

    If video games retard social development then I would argue that books likewise retard social growth. From there, the viewing of television would retard social development. So if you are willing to ban video games in order to get "little Johnny" outside and interacting then take away his books and his tv as well so that he is so bored that he will be forced to find entertainment through other living beings. Reading Tom Sawyer or Harry Potter is as individualistic an act as playing Final Fantasy and moreso than playing any online or two player game. I've rarely seen two people happily reading ONE book together.

  • The amount of time a child plays computer games is not a sufficient predictor of their social interaction to affect their social development.

    Computer or video games may be social activities, whether they are multi-player games that require interaction with other people or single-player games that two or more people can collaborate on. It is the type of games played rather than the amount of time played that is relevant when considering effects on social development.

    Posted by: g0thik0rgi
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  • I'm an addict.

    But not in a bad way. My grades are good, I have friends, a girlfriend, play sports, but I also play games for about 4-6 hours a day. It all depends on how you balance games with your life. I don't play on the weekends or Friday, and it doesn't hurt my social life at all.

  • Children's Social Devolpment

    Children have fun playing their games and I found that my kid also plays educational games. I don't think it affects their social development. I let my child play on games for about 1 hour or more a day. Also, it lets them connect with friends and meet new people online.

  • Video games will also increase creativity

    The time a child spends in front of a computer, or other device also increases the child's creativity. In games like minecraft, you get to build things and be creative. It is true that it can affect child's behavior, but those types of video games a child shouldn't play anyway. Some video games will even make the kids have fun and play fun games with eachother in school.

  • Take a walk in our shoes

    Let me just start off by saying WELCOME TO THE TWENTY FIRST CENTURY! Enjoy your stay as you may be here a while, I have been playing video games practically since the day I was born, and I strongly disagree that playing video games affect social behaviour, if anything, improves it. See, in our day we have a whole new world that is constantly growing around us, times are changing and so is technology. Me personally, I am a straight a student (aged fourteen), and I can honestly say this is not a problem, my social life is great, my relationships with my family are amazing, and I personally have a positive input into society, I take part in many charity organisations. Look around you, open your eyes, and maybe take a look at our perspective.

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