Does the appearance of Obama on Between Two Ferns mark the high-point for FunnyOrDie.Com?

  • It got a lot of attention.

    Yes, the appearance of Obama on Between Two Ferms marks the high point of Funny or, because a lot of people went to the website for only that reason. Attracting a big star always gets more people to watch, and a lot of people did not know about Funny Or before Obama's appearance.

  • Presidential Celebrity Win hit a high mark with the recent appearance of Barak Obama on Between Two Ferns. The satirical interview showcased the president's deadpan sense of humor as well as attempting to educated the viewers. should be excited by the expanding audience as well as managing to garner the support of the president for their site.

  • It's Still Climbing

    I do not believe the appearance of Obama on Between Two Ferns will be the high-point for FunnyOrDie.Com. I believe FunnyOrDie probably picked up some new viewers and they probably start to grow more rapidly from here. I don't think we've seen the high point yet, I think they have much more to do.

  • FoD has funnier stuff

    While the Obama episode of Between Two Ferns was highly entertaining, it is absolutely not the funniest thing that has ever appeared on Funny or Die. It isn't even the funniest episode of Between Two Ferns. Steve Carrell's appearance on Between Two Ferns is the funniest in my book and there are still funnier videos than that.

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