• They are winning

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  • It was a decisive psychological blow.

    I think the arrest of "El Chapo" Guzman dealt a psychological blow to the drug warlords operating in Mexico. Among them, he was the most powerful and considered to be untouchable. His arrest and imprisonment sends the rest of them a sobering message. Their days are numbered, and they should be on the run.

  • Yes, it was a major blow to the drug cartel

    The arrest of "el Chapo" was a major accomplishment for the Mexican government for several reasons, some of them include disruption of the chain of command in the cartel, lack of leadership in the cartel business and lost of faith in the trade. There are many psychology and practical reasons for going after the drug cartel leadership studies have shown.

  • No it is just an illusion

    They just caught him but his whole operation was already handed out to his sons. I do not understand how simple you people are. You stop a truck full of drugs and you act like you stopped drug addiction and trafficking in the world.
    For every car you stop there were quite a few cars that made it. You stopped el chapo and you did not stop his sons or the other rival gangs. He was old milk that was gone bad and served its used.
    It was psychology you said but I still see drugs being transported here and white people dying from it.

  • No, el Chapo is only one man

    The arrest of "el Chapo" is more symbolic than actually effective. In fact, his arrest illustrates what a show the entire "war on drugs" really is. Instead of concentrating on addressing the problem, they chose to go after a figurehead who probably was no longer involved in the day to day narco business.

  • No, Mexico is not winning the war on drugs.

    While arresting one very big drug lord is a big accomplishment, there are still plenty of people who will take his place. People are addicted to drugs and getting rid of the suppliers is only a temporary solution. People have to be taught that drugs bring bad things with them.

  • No, the arrest of "el Chapo" doesn't mean Mexico is winning the drug war.

    I do not believe that just because the Mexican government was able to arrest the famous drug lord "el Chapo" that Mexico is winning the drug war. There is still a lot of people out there that will be willing to take his place. And there are also a lot more people in the drug problem than just one drug lord.

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