Does the ASPCA take lives (yes) or save them (no)?

  • ASPCA take lives.

    The ASPCA is known to euthanize animals. Clearly, they take the lives of animals away. This is a necessity of their work. It's not possible to find a home for all the animals they try to rescue, so euthanasia is sometimes a fact of life. Nevertheless, it's undeniable that they have to take some lives in the process.

  • Euthanizing Isn't The Way To Go !

    ASPCA is known for helping animals get off the streets, but what some people are oblivious to is that every animal in the shelter has a time limit. If newcomers (New Animals ) are coming in , the oldest dogs or dogs that have been there the longest is euthanized or ¨Put to sleep¨. This doesn't help the society , or help get animals off of the streets. It tells the dogs that they aren't enough or that its their time to go. Let me put it in the simplest form. Pets are like humans in a way, they have feelings, emotions and overall are easy learners . If people actually put time into teaching animals to do the right thing and neuter or spay them, More animals would be off the streets. Instead when a pet (Cat or Dog) Messes up because they aren't trained right, they are automatically tossed out into the streets. Dogs and cats are Domesticated animals , meaning they are supposed to be pets and can be taught right and wrong. Human beings just don't want to give in the time and patience for it and that's what's wrong with the society today.

  • The ASPCA saves lives.

    The ASPCA saves lives. I think the ASPCA does the best it can to save the lives of animals. If it was not for the ASPCA, there would be a lot more deaths of animals from cruelty of owners to the homeless pets nationwide. With the resources that they have, I think they try to do a good job.

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