Does the average celeb get paid too much per movie?

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  • The average celeb is overpaid

    The average celebrity is overpaid. This does not speak towards those celebrities who are well versed in multiple aspects of the industry besides just acting, but actors who are offered top dollar for roles that don't require too much talent is occurring too much. For instance, Sylvester Stallone hasn't played a "new character" in decades, yet he's paid upwards of $100 million per film.

  • Celebrities do not receive too much- they receive what the market bears

    Celebrities do not get paid too much money per movie. The amount of money that celebrities are paid is based on the amount of money the movie is expected to gross minus all the expenses of producing and marketing it. They therefore are paid based on what the market will bear. If we as consumers are paying over $10 each to see a movie and the movie is a hit and grosses hundreds of millions of dollars, certainly the celebs should receive their fair share of that money. It's not about whether or not they work harder than others or if the hours they put in deserves the millions they make - it is about what the market allows.

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