• Coldplay is great

    Coldplay is an awesome band. I have seen them live 3 times and was very impressed each time. They are a classic band and appeal to many ages. If you see a show I can guarantee you won't be disappointed. If you've never seen them, hurry up and do so!

  • Coldplay puts on a GREAT live concert!

    They are going to be GREAT playing the 2016 Superbowl halftime show! They have numerous hits and will entertain for all age groups. They have so many hits that many may not know are produced and written by Coldplay. I'll bet that most don't know that their song, "Atlas" was in the Hunger Games? They produce a great live show!

  • Great live entertainment

    Yes, Coldplay puts on awesome live shows. From the lighting, the music and performances of the band, there is no lack of excitement. Even the atmosphere before and after the concert is electrified. If you are looking for a great modern band that puts on a fantastic show, then Coldplay is the band for you. The performances you may have seen on network television just gives you a hint of what to expect!

  • Coldplay is Terrible!

    If you have heard one Coldplay song, you have heard them all. Rather than watching them perform live, you should save your time and money and just buy their cd and play the same song on repeat. More than any other band I can think of, they seem to have a "signature" sound, with no variety at all.

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