Does the Barcelona soccer team have the ability to win the Champions League finals?

  • The proof is in the strength

    Barcelona has a history of defeating strong opponents. Their defense is in tandem with their offense and because of that they are completely capable of winning the Champion league final. With Neymar and Suarez being fully integrated into the team Barcelona is now stronger than ever. Not to mention that Lionel Messi is doing what he does best and is looking like one of the best players in Europe once again.

  • Barcelona can use Star Power to win the Champions League

    At this point, any squad remaining can win the Champions League. Barcelona is one of the premiere squads in the world and is more than capable of powering through the competition for the League title. While formidable opponents stand in the way, Barcelona has as much talent as any other squad that remains.

  • Anyone Can Win

    I think if they get in they have a chance. While the odds may be stacked against them based on who they play the truth of the matter is they have a 50/50 chance to win. Thats the beauty of sports is the game needs to be played in order to determine the winner, not paper

  • Barcelona is good, but not championship level.

    With all of the teams currently in the running for the football Championship League, Barcelona, while good, is simply not up to the standards needed to pull off the big win. Barcelona has shown great fortitude when dealing with stronger and better teams, but they do not have the staying power necessary to win the Championship Finals.

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