• It works for me!!!!

    Bates Method is never 100% disproven by science and survived for over 100 years.

    Human lived through thousands of years without glasses and there is little historical record for people with short sight, its only within these short years that we have explosion people with short sight, this simply proves the treatment method with glasses is wrong and its just a bandaid fix to problem.

    if you look at this disgusting chart, its another proof, treatment with glasses is wrong.

    Short sight is preventable and reversible and is proven by many people.

  • Worked for me, my girlfriend and others.

    Vision is a hell of a rabbit hole, when you get into the psychology of vision and how our eyes put together images.

    Something to consider. The large extraocular muscles of the eyes have another job, other than moving the eye. What happens if these muscles pull in tandem? What is eye strain? Why is it that a leg cast should be removed to complete healing, yet eye-glasses are to be warn indefinitely? How do those that suffer from multiple personality disorder have different prescriptions depending on the active personality? Have you ever noticed that your vision can become blurry when stressed or tired? Do you notice any discomfort when putting on or taking off your glasses? Where does this sensation originate?

  • Tremendous improvement through Bates method

    I had -5.75 dsph just a few like 6-7 months back. After following regular relaxation, exercise and natural process I can see almost everything without spectacles. Presently my vision without spectacles is 20/30 and 20/20p. Though autorefractometer ( computerized eye testing) shows it is nearly -1.00 dsph but i feel more comfortable without that.
    Even I followed Dr.Paul's instruction I also advise everyone to know it properly first then apply otherwise it will not effect.

  • Some Believe it Does

    I've never had to use the Bates method to re-train my eyes. However, some people believe it works. Certainly there are things humans can do to strengthen the muscles around the eyes and get blood flowing to those organs properly. Even if the Bates method doesn't totally improve eyesight, doing those exercises can still produce benefits.

  • No, the Bates method does not work.

    I believe that the Bates method doesn't work. I don't think that your vision gets any stronger just by doing some exercises, like simply covering your eyes with your hands. The Bates method is no substitution for eye glasses. People need to stick to going to their eye doctors for glasses when they have trouble with their vision.

  • There is no evidence showing it works

    The Bates method sounds great in practice, but there is no scientific evidence showing it works. Eye exercises do not seem able to strengthen eye muscles as physical exercise does the body. Using the Bates method does not seem to enable people to stop using prescription glasses. There is no verifiable research showing that it works.

  • He was a quack.

    No, the Bates method does not work, because it has been scientifically disproved. Bates' theory was that the eyeball changes size to refocus. That has been proven false by many scientists. The best Bates had was anecdotal evidence from people who swore it worked. But there were many for whom it did not work.

  • The Bates method does not work.

    The Bates method does not work. The Bates method was a ideal that wearing eyeglasses for long periods of time would make your eyesight worse. The ideal was that if we exercised our eyes then we would not need glasses. Doing things such as looking at certain colors, sitting in front of a light with our eyes closed, etc. Turns out these methods were not effective.

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